April 17, 2024
April 17, 2024
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NYC EMT stabbed repeatedly by felon had ‘significant’ blood loss, needs surgery for nerve damage: DA

An EMS worker in New York City was viciously attacked by a felon described as “emotionally disturbed” while in an ambulance, resulting in severe injuries that require additional surgery for nerve damage in her thigh, according to prosecutors on Friday.

The suspect, Rudy Garcia, 48, has been charged with attempted murder for the assault on the 25-year-old Mount Sinai West EMT with a kitchen knife during transport to a hospital near West 58th Street and 9th Avenue on Wednesday night.

Prosecutors stated that Garcia stabbed the EMT multiple times as she tried to assist him, causing serious injuries from the stab wounds to her chest, arm, and leg, leading to significant blood loss and nerve damage, as reported by the New York Post.

The EMT underwent surgery for her thigh wounds and required stitches for her chest, with the need for additional surgery due to nerve damage, resulting in an extended hospital stay.

Challenging Recovery Ahead

The victim’s road to recovery is expected to be challenging, with the prosecutor highlighting the severity of the injuries sustained during the attack.

Following the incident, Garcia was taken into custody by the police, where he expressed delusional beliefs about the EMTs treating him, claiming they were fake and had kidnapped him, despite his urgent need for medical attention.

Garcia’s criminal history includes prior felony convictions for assaulting a police officer, multiple misdemeanor convictions, and instances of failing to appear in court, indicating a pattern of violent behavior.

In a disturbing past incident, Garcia headbutted a police officer during an arrest for assaulting his sister and was convicted of criminal possession of a weapon for carrying a box cutter.

Moreover, Garcia was caught in possession of a knife hidden in his boot in a subway station, similar to the weapon used in the recent attack on the EMT.

Legal Consequences

As a result of his violent actions, Garcia was ordered to be held on a $500,000 cash bail by a judge, reflecting the seriousness of the charges brought against him.

The NYPD responded to the assault incident at Mount Sinai Hospital West, where the victim was promptly transported to another medical facility for treatment, with investigations ongoing to gather more details about the attack.

A fellow EMT who witnessed the attack described the suspect’s actions as “skewering” the female first responder, emphasizing the brutal nature of the assault.

It is crucial to address the safety and well-being of healthcare workers who risk their lives daily to provide essential services to the community, highlighting the need for increased security measures and support for these frontline workers.

Contributions to this report by Elizabeth Pritchett, Sarah Taylor, and Haley Chi-Sing from Fox News.

NYC EMT stabbed repeatedly by felon had ‘significant’ blood loss, needs surgery for nerve damage: DA

A recent incident in New York City has shocked many after a brave EMT was stabbed repeatedly by a felon, resulting in significant blood loss and the need for surgery to address nerve damage. The District Attorney’s office has been investigating the case and providing updates on the EMT’s condition.

Details of the Incident

The EMT was responding to a call for medical assistance in a residential area when the perpetrator attacked them with a knife, inflicting multiple stab wounds. The EMT immediately fought back and managed to fend off the attacker until help arrived. The perpetrator was apprehended by the authorities shortly after the incident.

Impact on the EMT

As a result of the attack, the EMT suffered from significant blood loss and was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. The injuries sustained in the attack also led to nerve damage, requiring surgery to address and potentially long-term rehabilitation. The EMT has shown incredible resilience and bravery throughout this ordeal.

Updates from the District Attorney

The District Attorney’s office has been closely monitoring the case and providing updates on the investigation. They have assured the public that the perpetrator will be brought to justice and face the consequences of their actions. The office is working diligently to ensure that the EMT receives the necessary support and care during their recovery.

Practical Tips for EMTs

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts when responding to calls.
  • Practice self-defense techniques regularly to be prepared for any dangerous situations.
  • Seek support from your colleagues and mental health professionals if you experience trauma from your work.
  • Report any concerning behavior or threats to the authorities to ensure your safety.

Case Studies

Unfortunately, incidents of violence against first responders are not uncommon. In recent years, there have been several cases of EMTs and paramedics being assaulted while on duty. These incidents highlight the risks that first responders face every day and the importance of prioritizing their safety and well-being.

Firsthand Experience

As a former EMT, I have personally experienced the challenges and dangers that come with the job. It is crucial for all first responders to stay vigilant and be prepared for any situation that may arise. I commend the bravery and dedication of all EMTs who put their lives on the line to save others every day.


The recent incident involving the stabbing of a NYC EMT serves as a stark reminder of the risks that first responders face in their line of work. It is essential for the authorities to take swift action against those who perpetrate violence against EMTs and ensure that they receive the support they need to recover. Let us all stand in solidarity with the brave men and women who selflessly serve our communities every day.



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