April 22, 2024
April 22, 2024
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How much does a trust cost in Florida in 2024?

Exploring the Expenses of Establishing a Trust in Florida in 2024

Creating a trust in Florida is a strategic move for estate planning that comes with a range of advantages, such as safeguarding assets, avoiding probate, and maintaining privacy. As we enter 2024, having a clear understanding of the financial aspects involved in setting up a trust is crucial for effective planning. Morgan Legal Group, based in Miami, specializes in offering expert legal advice on trust and estate planning.

Insight into Trusts in Florida

Before delving into the expenses, it is essential to grasp the concept of a trust and its functioning. A trust is a legal entity established to hold assets for the benefit of specific beneficiaries, with a trustee overseeing these assets. Trusts can either be revocable, allowing changes or termination by the settlor, or irrevocable, remaining unchanged once created.

Factors Impacting Trust Costs in Florida

Various factors can influence the expenses associated with setting up a trust in Florida. These factors include the complexity of the estate, the type of trust chosen, attorney fees, as well as additional costs like notarization and recording fees. Considering these factors is crucial when devising an estate plan.

Common Expenses Linked to Establishing a Trust

The costs of establishing a trust in Florida can vary significantly based on the aforementioned factors. Typically, attorney fees for drafting a trust can range from $1,000 to $3,000 or more, depending on the estate’s complexity and the client’s specific requirements. Additional expenses for notarization, recording, and other administrative tasks may further increase the total cost.

Selecting the Appropriate Trust for Your Requirements

Choosing the right type of trust depends on individual circumstances and estate planning objectives. Whether opting for a revocable living trust to avoid probate or an irrevocable trust for asset protection, each type offers distinct benefits and considerations.

The Importance of Professional Advice

While using online tools or templates to create a trust is an option, seeking professional legal counsel is invaluable. A seasoned attorney can offer tailored advice, ensure legal conformity, and customize the trust to meet specific needs, providing reassurance and potential cost savings in the long term.

Morgan Legal Group: Your Trust and Estate Planning Partner

At Morgan Legal Group, we recognize the significance of meticulous planning and expert legal support. Our team is committed to assisting you in establishing a trust, guaranteeing that your estate planning objectives are efficiently achieved. With our proficiency, you can navigate the complexities of trust formation in Florida confidently.

In Conclusion

The decision to create a trust in Florida in 2024 is a pivotal aspect of estate planning that demands a thorough evaluation of costs and benefits. With Morgan Legal Group by your side, you can ensure that your estate is managed in accordance with your wishes, offering security and peace of mind for both you and your beneficiaries. Reach out to us today to discover how we can support you in this significant endeavor.

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How much does a trust cost in Florida in 2024?

Trusts are powerful estate planning tools that can help individuals protect and distribute their assets according to their wishes. In the state of Florida, setting up a trust involves certain costs that individuals should be aware of. Understanding the expenses associated with creating and maintaining a trust in Florida can help individuals make informed decisions about their estate planning options.

Cost factors of setting up a trust in Florida

When it comes to establishing a trust in Florida, several cost factors come into play. It’s essential to consider these factors when budgeting for a trust. The following are some of the primary cost components of setting up a trust in Florida:

  • Attorney fees: Hiring an experienced estate planning attorney is crucial when creating a trust. Attorney fees can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the trust and the attorney’s expertise. On average, attorney fees for establishing a trust in Florida can range from $1,500 to $3,000.
  • Trustee fees: If you choose to designate a professional trustee, such as a bank or a trust company, to manage the trust assets, you will incur trustee fees. Trustee fees are typically charged as a percentage of the trust assets and can range from 1% to 2% annually.
  • Court filing fees: In Florida, filing fees for establishing a trust may vary depending on the county where the trust is created. On average, court filing fees for a trust can range from $200 to $400.
  • Property transfer costs: If you plan to transfer real estate or other assets into the trust, you may incur additional costs, such as deed recording fees and property appraisal fees.

Benefits of setting up a trust in Florida

While the costs of creating and maintaining a trust in Florida may seem significant, the benefits of having a trust often outweigh the expenses. Some of the key advantages of establishing a trust in Florida include:

  • Probate avoidance: Assets held in a trust bypass probate, saving time and reducing costs.
  • Privacy protection: Trusts are private documents, whereas wills are public records subject to scrutiny.
  • Asset protection: Trusts can provide protection from creditors and lawsuits for beneficiaries.
  • Tax benefits: Trusts can be structured to minimize estate taxes and maximize tax efficiency.

Practical tips for creating a trust in Florida

When considering setting up a trust in Florida, here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose an experienced estate planning attorney to help you navigate the complexities of trust creation.
  • Consider your long-term goals and objectives when deciding on the type of trust that best suits your needs.
  • Regularly review and update your trust to ensure it reflects your current wishes and circumstances.
  • Educate your beneficiaries about the existence and purpose of the trust to avoid confusion or disputes in the future.

Case study: Setting up a trust in Florida

Let’s consider a hypothetical case study of Sarah, a Florida resident looking to establish a trust to protect her assets and provide for her beneficiaries. Sarah decides to work with an estate planning attorney to create a revocable living trust. Here is a breakdown of the costs involved in setting up Sarah’s trust:

Cost component Estimated cost
Attorney fees $2,500
Trustee fees (annual) $5,000 (based on 1% of trust assets)
Court filing fees $300
Property transfer costs $500 (deed recording and appraisal fees)

In this case, Sarah’s total upfront cost for setting up her trust amounts to $3,300, with ongoing trustee fees of $5,000 per year. While these costs may seem significant, Sarah sees the value in establishing a trust to protect her assets and ensure her beneficiaries are taken care of in the future.


Setting up a trust in Florida involves a range of costs, including attorney fees, trustee fees, court filing fees, and property transfer costs. While the expenses associated with establishing a trust may vary, the benefits of having a trust often outweigh the costs. By understanding the cost factors and benefits of trusts in Florida, individuals can make informed decisions about their estate planning needs and protect their assets for future generations.



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