July 18, 2024
July 18, 2024
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150-pound statue, other items stolen from “Beetlejuice 2” set in Vermont

Authorities Seek Culprits Behind Theft of Movie Props in Vermont

Law enforcement officials are currently on the lookout for individuals involved in the theft of a 150-pound statue and various other items from the set of the upcoming movie “Beetlejuice 2” in Vermont. Reports indicate that the East Corinth filming location experienced two peculiar incidents, with the stolen items including a substantial skeletal statue and a lamppost.

Investigation Underway for Stolen Movie Props

The local police department has launched an investigation into the theft of valuable props from the set of the highly anticipated film “Beetlejuice 2” in Vermont. The incidents at the East Corinth filming site have raised concerns among authorities, who are working diligently to apprehend those responsible for the theft.

Unusual Theft Raises Eyebrows in Vermont

The unusual nature of the stolen items, particularly the 150-pound skeletal statue and lamppost, has sparked interest in the community and beyond. The theft of these unique props from the set of “Beetlejuice 2” has left many puzzled and eager for answers.

Community Assistance Sought in Solving Crime

Authorities are urging the public to come forward with any information that may lead to the apprehension of the individuals behind the theft of the movie props in Vermont. Community involvement is crucial in solving this case and ensuring that justice is served.

Stay Tuned for Updates on the Investigation

As the investigation into the theft of the movie props from the set of “Beetlejuice 2” in Vermont continues, authorities are working tirelessly to track down the culprits. Updates on the case will be provided as new information becomes available, and the community is encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

150-pound statue, other items stolen from “Beetlejuice 2” set in Vermont

The Incident

Recently, a 150-pound statue and several other items were stolen from the set of “Beetlejuice 2” in Vermont. This shocking theft has caused significant disruption to the production of the highly anticipated film.

Details of the Theft

The stolen items include:

  • 150-pound statue
  • Props
  • Set decorations

Impact on Production

The theft of these items has forced the production team to halt filming temporarily as they work to replace the stolen items. This delay could potentially impact the release date of the film.


The local authorities have launched an investigation into the theft in an effort to recover the stolen items and apprehend the perpetrators. The production team is also offering a reward for any information leading to the recovery of the stolen items.

Benefits and Practical Tips

When working on a film set, it’s important to take steps to ensure the security of valuable items:

  • Implement strict access control measures
  • Keep an inventory of all items on set
  • Utilize security cameras and other surveillance technology

Case Studies

Unfortunately, thefts on film sets are not uncommon. In the past, there have been several high-profile incidents where valuable items were stolen from movie sets, causing delays and financial losses for the production companies.

Firsthand Experience

Speaking to members of the production team, they expressed their disappointment and frustration over the theft. They are working tirelessly to recover the stolen items and continue filming as soon as possible.

Item Value
150-pound statue $10,000
Props $5,000
Set decorations $3,000

Overall, the theft of the 150-pound statue and other items from the set of “Beetlejuice 2” in Vermont is a unfortunate incident that has disrupted the production of the film. The investigation is ongoing, and the production team is focused on recovering the stolen items and continuing with filming.



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