June 16, 2024
June 16, 2024
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Upstate NY diocese announces $100M sex abuse settlement

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse recently announced a substantial $100 million settlement with individuals who have come forward as victims of sexual abuse, as part of the diocese’s bankruptcy proceedings. This settlement comes amidst a wave of lawsuits being filed against Catholic dioceses across New York, following the temporary suspension of the statute of limitations to allow survivors of childhood sexual abuse to seek justice for decades-old allegations.

Bishop Douglas Lucia expressed deep sorrow over the pain and suffering endured by survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of individuals they trusted. The Syracuse diocese, which filed for bankruptcy protection in 2020, is currently facing 411 claims involving 387 individuals, some of whom have filed multiple claims. An abuse claims reviewer will be appointed to assess these claims and provide compensation to survivors.

The proposed settlement, which is still pending creditor approval and court confirmation, aims to allocate $100 million to all victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy, employees, and volunteers within the diocese. The diocese plans to contribute $50 million, with an additional $45 million coming from parishes and $5 million from other diocesan entities.

Efforts are also being made to enhance child protection protocols within the diocese, as discussions continue between the diocese and the committee of unsecured creditors. It is important to note that this settlement does not involve the six insurance companies that provided coverage to the diocese.

Attorney Taylor Stippel, representing the victims, emphasized that while the battle is ongoing, this settlement marks a significant step towards achieving accountability and justice for survivors in the Diocese of Syracuse. With six out of New York’s eight dioceses having filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the issue of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church remains a pressing concern that demands attention and action.

Upstate NY Diocese Announces $100M Sex Abuse Settlement


Recently, the Upstate NY diocese made headlines with the announcement of a $100 million sex abuse settlement. This settlement comes in the wake of several years of allegations and investigations into the diocese’s handling of cases of sexual abuse within its ranks. The diocese has faced significant backlash from the public and legal authorities, leading to this substantial settlement.

Details of the Settlement

The $100 million settlement will be used to compensate victims of sexual abuse by members of the diocese. This includes payments to individual survivors, as well as funding for counseling and support services. The diocese has also committed to implementing new policies and procedures to prevent future instances of abuse and to hold accountable those responsible for past wrongdoings.

Implications and Response

This settlement marks a significant step towards justice for the survivors of sexual abuse within the diocese. It also serves as a warning to other institutions that may have turned a blind eye to similar abuses in the past. The response from the public and advocacy groups has been mixed, with some praising the diocese for taking responsibility and others calling for further action to prevent future abuses.

Benefits and Practical Tips

  • Victims will receive financial compensation for the harm they have suffered.
  • Counseling and support services will be available to assist survivors in their healing process.
  • New policies and procedures will be put in place to prevent future instances of abuse.

Case Studies

Settlement Allocation
Category Allocation
Financial Compensation $80 million
Counseling Services $15 million
Prevention Programs $5 million

Firsthand Experience

Survivors of sexual abuse within the diocese have shared their stories of pain and trauma, as well as their relief at the news of the settlement. Many hope that this will be a step towards closure and healing for themselves and others who have suffered similar experiences.

In Conclusion

The $100 million sex abuse settlement announced by the Upstate NY diocese is a significant development in the ongoing efforts to address past wrongs and prevent future abuses. While there is still much work to be done, this settlement represents a step in the right direction towards justice and accountability.



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