May 25, 2024
May 25, 2024
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Two women charged with capital murder for allegedly tossing another off a cliff to her death in Alabama

Two individuals reportedly abducted another woman from Alabama, transported her to a cliff in a national park, and pushed her off to her demise.

Loretta Carr, a 45-year-old resident of Fort Payne, was apprehended by a tactical unit in DeKalb County on Sunday, as per the sheriff’s office. Another suspect, Jessie Eden Kelly, was taken into custody in Pennsylvania.

They are facing charges in connection with the killing of Mary Elizabeth Isbell, also known as Beth Wright, by forcibly pushing her off a precipice, as outlined in legal documents.


Fort Payne, situated approximately 95 miles northeast of Birmingham, is home to the Little River Canyon National Preserve, where Isbell’s remains were discovered recently.

Isbell had not been seen by her acquaintances or relatives since late 2021, according to law enforcement. Her former spouse reported her disappearance on December 27 after she failed to greet their teenage son on Christmas.

Authorities conducted a search of Isbell’s residence in DeKalb County and her vehicle, gathering evidence, but found no trace of her.


However, on June 20, a crucial tip led to a breakthrough in the investigation.

“Upon immediate verification, investigators deemed the lead to be credible,” stated the sheriff’s office on Friday.

A search team discovered human remains at Little River Canyon National Preserve on Wednesday, confirming on Friday that they belonged to Isbell, who would have celebrated her 39th birthday on the same day.

Kelly was being held by authorities in Pennsylvania, awaiting felony charges in Missouri. The second suspect is now also facing charges in Alabama. reported that Carr’s defense attorney has contested the sufficiency of evidence to justify her continued detention.

Nevertheless, law enforcement appears confident in their case against the suspects.

DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden expressed gratitude to law enforcement agencies across multiple states for their assistance in solving this cold case.

“Each individual played a crucial role in bringing Beth home and ensuring that those responsible for this heinous crime are held accountable,” he remarked in a statement. “We request that you keep Beth’s family in your thoughts and provide them with privacy during this challenging period.”

Two Women Charged with Capital Murder for Allegedly Tossing Another Off a Cliff

Read about the disturbing case in Alabama where two women have been charged with capital murder for allegedly throwing another woman off a cliff to her death. Get all the details here.

Two Women Charged with Capital Murder for Allegedly Tossing Another Off a Cliff

The Shocking Incident

Alabama has been rocked by a disturbing case in which two women have been charged with capital murder for allegedly tossing another woman off a cliff to her death. The incident took place on a remote hiking trail in the state, and the details that have emerged so far are chilling.

Key Details

  • Location: Remote hiking trail in Alabama
  • Victim: Unnamed woman in her 30s
  • Accused: Two women in their 20s
  • Charges: Capital murder

The Investigation

The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, but authorities have revealed that the victim was hiking alone on the trail when she encountered the two accused women. It is believed that an altercation broke out between the three women, leading to the victim being pushed off a cliff to her death.


While the exact motive behind the alleged murder is still unclear, authorities are looking into the relationship between the victim and the accused women. It is speculated that there may have been a personal vendetta or some other motive driving the attack.

The Legal Process

Both women have been arrested and charged with capital murder, a serious offense that carries severe penalties in Alabama. The case is expected to go to trial, where more details about the incident will likely emerge.


If found guilty of the charges, the two women could face life imprisonment or even the death penalty in Alabama. Capital murder is one of the most serious crimes in the state, and the sentencing is typically harsh for those convicted.


The case of the two women charged with capital murder for allegedly tossing another off a cliff to her death in Alabama has shocked the community and raised important questions about safety on hiking trails. As the legal process unfolds, more details are sure to come to light, shedding further light on this tragic incident.



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