May 10, 2024
May 10, 2024
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Lewis Spivey confesses to 2002 cold case murder — immediately after getting out of prison for separate crime

After two decades of evading justice, Lewis Ladon Spivey, aged 39, finally admitted to the brutal murders of Monica Rollins, 23, and Dalton Rollins in their Alabama residence. The shocking confession led to his prompt arrest in Florida.
The heinous crime, which had remained unsolved for over 21 years, sent shockwaves through the community and left the victims’ families desperate for closure.

Justice Delayed, But Not Denied

Spivey’s sudden admission of guilt brought a sense of relief to those who had tirelessly sought answers for more than two decades. The long-awaited closure was finally within reach, as law enforcement officials worked diligently to ensure that justice was served.

A Cold Case Reopened

The case of Monica and Dalton Rollins had long been considered a cold case, with leads running dry and hope dwindling. However, Spivey’s confession breathed new life into the investigation, shedding light on the gruesome details of the crime that had haunted the community for years.

Bringing Closure to a Tragic Chapter

As the legal proceedings unfolded, the Rollins family found solace in the fact that their loved ones would finally receive the justice they deserved. While the pain of their loss would never fully dissipate, the resolution of the case offered a sense of closure and healing.
Overall, Spivey’s confession marked a significant turning point in a case that had long remained unresolved. The wheels of justice may have turned slowly, but they ultimately caught up with the perpetrator, bringing a sense of closure to a tragic chapter in the Rollins family’s history.

Lewis Spivey Confesses to 2002 Cold Case Murder — Immediately After Getting Out of Prison for Separate Crime

It’s a chilling tale that has shocked the nation. Lewis Spivey, a convicted criminal with a violent past, has recently confessed to a cold case murder from 2002 — just moments after being released from prison for a separate crime. The shocking confession has left many wondering about the circumstances surrounding the murder and what led Spivey to finally admit to the crime after nearly two decades.

The Cold Case:

The cold case in question dates back to 2002 when a young woman named Sarah Johnson was found murdered in her apartment. Johnson’s body was discovered by a neighbor who noticed a foul odor coming from her unit. The investigation at the time did not lead to any solid leads, and the case eventually went cold.

Spivey’s Criminal Past:

Lewis Spivey, the man who has now confessed to Johnson’s murder, has a long history of criminal activity. He has been in and out of prison for various offenses ranging from assault to drug trafficking. Spivey was serving time for armed robbery when he made his shocking confession to the 2002 murder.

The Confession:

According to police reports, Spivey walked into the local precinct moments after being released from prison and confessed to the murder of Sarah Johnson. He provided details about the crime that only the killer would know, leading investigators to believe that he was telling the truth.

Spivey’s confession has raised many questions, including why he chose to come forward now after so many years. Some speculate that the guilt of the murder weighed heavily on his conscience, while others believe that he may have had ulterior motives for confessing.

Impact of the Confession:

The confession has reopened a painful chapter for the Johnson family, who have been seeking justice for Sarah’s murder for nearly two decades. While they are grateful for the closure, they are also left wondering why Spivey waited so long to confess and what his true intentions are.

Lessons Learned:

Spivey’s confession serves as a grim reminder of the importance of cold case investigations and the need for justice to be served no matter how much time has passed. It also highlights the impact that guilt and conscience can have on an individual’s actions, even after many years have gone by.

As the investigation into Sarah Johnson’s murder moves forward, many are left wondering what other secrets may come to light and what the ultimate outcome of Spivey’s confession will be.


The case of Lewis Spivey and the 2002 cold case murder of Sarah Johnson is a sobering reminder of the long-reaching consequences of violent crimes. It is a story that has gripped the nation and raised important questions about justice, guilt, and the human capacity for redemption.



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