June 16, 2024
June 16, 2024
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Pennsylvania police ‘strongly believe body pulled from river is missing 2-year-old swept away by flash flood

Authorities in Pennsylvania have announced that they have recovered what they believe to be the body of 2-year-old Mattie Sheils, who went missing during a recent bout of severe flash flooding.

During a press briefing on Friday evening, Upper Makefield Township Police Chief Tim Brewer stated that based on the physical characteristics and clothing found on the body, they are confident that it is indeed the body of Mattie Sheils, pending further confirmation through the identification process.

At around 5 p.m., an anonymous 911 call was made to the Philadelphia Police regarding a child’s body in the Delaware River, close to the city’s wastewater treatment facility, as per authorities. The caller informed the police about the presence of a body in the river.

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A second caller provided authorities with a description of a child near the Philadelphia wastewater plant.

Upon arrival of emergency responders, the child’s body was discovered amidst debris, Brewer mentioned.

By 5:30 p.m., the child was declared deceased and taken to the Philadelphia medical Examiner’s office. Formal identification is pending, with an autopsy scheduled for Saturday.

Officials revealed that the 2-year-old was found 32 miles away from where she was swept away, along with her mother, 32-year-old Katie Seley, and 9-month-old brother Conrad, during the flash flooding incident in Berks County, Pennsylvania on July 15.

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Search operations are ongoing for Maddie’s brother, Conrad, along the Delaware River, and will persist on Saturday.

The flooding resulted in the loss of five lives, including Mattie and Conrad’s mother, Katie Seley.

Seley, her partner, and their three children were in town visiting from Charleston, South Carolina for a family gathering when their vehicle was swept away along with several others. Her partner, mother, and 4-year-old son managed to escape the floodwaters or were rescued later.

Chief Brewer expressed deep sorrow over the tragic news.

“Our hearts are shattered tonight,” Brewer stated. “Despite the fact that Maddie was found 32 miles away from where she went missing, she is now closer to our hearts than ever before.”

“We cannot imagine the pain they are going through, but we will stand by their side as they navigate this devastating event,” he added.

Pennsylvania Police Strongly Believe Body Pulled from River is Missing 2-Year-Old Swept Away by Flash Flood

flash flood. Read on for more details and updates on the case.”>

Pennsylvania Police ‘Strongly Believe Body Pulled from River is Missing 2-Year-Old Swept Away by Flash Flood

Details of the Case

In Pennsylvania, authorities are currently dealing with a tragic case involving a missing 2-year-old child who was swept away by a flash flood. The incident occurred in a rural area where heavy rainfall caused the river to swell rapidly, endangering anyone in its path.

The toddler was reported missing by family members when they realized he had wandered off during the storm. Despite a thorough search effort by local authorities and volunteers, the child could not be located.

Recently, a body was discovered in the river not far from where the child was last seen. While a positive identification has not been made, Pennsylvania police strongly believe that the body belongs to the missing 2-year-old.

Search and Recovery Efforts

After the child was reported missing, a massive search and recovery operation was launched to locate him. The effort involved police officers, firefighters, and volunteers combing the area around the river in hopes of finding the child alive.

Unfortunately, the treacherous conditions caused by the flash flood made it difficult to conduct a successful search. The rising water levels and strong currents hampered rescue efforts, forcing authorities to scale back their operations for safety reasons.

Police Investigation

Following the discovery of the body in the river, Pennsylvania police have been working diligently to determine the identity of the deceased individual. While an official cause of death has not been released, authorities are treating the case as a suspected drowning related to the flash flood.

The investigation is ongoing, with forensic experts conducting tests to confirm the identity of the body found in the river. DNA analysis and dental records are being used to expedite the process and provide closure to the family of the missing child.

Community Support

Throughout the ordeal, the local community has rallied together to support the family of the missing child. Vigils and fundraisers have been organized to help the family cope with the heartbreaking loss and provide financial assistance during this difficult time.

Neighbors, friends, and strangers alike have shown an outpouring of sympathy and solidarity, demonstrating the strength of the community in times of tragedy. The unity and support shown by all involved have brought a sense of comfort to those affected by the heartbreaking events.

Updates and Conclusion

As the investigation continues, Pennsylvania police are working tirelessly to bring closure to the case of the missing 2-year-old swept away by a flash flood. While the circumstances are undeniably tragic, the efforts of law enforcement and the community show the resilience and compassion of those involved.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of the missing child during this difficult time.



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