April 17, 2024
April 17, 2024
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Florida ‘sexual predator’ arrested 1 day after release from 9-year sentence for removing GPS monitor: sheriff

A convicted sex offender, who tampered with his ankle monitor and overdosed, was swiftly apprehended just a day after being released from a lengthy prison term for lewd and lascivious battery involving a victim aged 12-15, as per the sheriff’s office.

Albert Lee Gardner, aged 29, was let out on July 7 after serving a nine and a half-year sentence, only to be re-arrested on July 8 when authorities discovered his ankle monitor discarded in a convenience store trash can, as reported by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

A probation officer raised the alarm at a 7-Eleven in Brooksville, Florida, upon noticing that Gardner’s GPS tracker had remained there for an unusually extended period.

Following his sentence, Gardner was placed on five and a half years of supervised release, according to FOX 35. Subsequently, deputies responded to an overdose call at an apartment where Gardner was found to have ingested an unidentified narcotic, leading to his revival with Narcan.

Upon being discharged from the hospital, Gardner was promptly taken into custody without bail, facing charges of probation violation and tampering with an electronic monitoring device.

Florida ‘Sexual Predator’ Arrested 1 Day After Release from 9-Year Sentence for Removing GPS Monitor: Sheriff

A Florida ‘sexual predator’ was arrested just one day after being released from a 9-year sentence for removing his GPS monitor, according to the local sheriff’s office. The incident has raised concerns about the monitoring and supervision of convicted sex offenders in the state. Here’s what you need to know about the case:


  • The individual, who has not been named by authorities, was serving a 9-year sentence for previous sexual offenses.
  • Upon his release, he removed his court-ordered GPS monitor, which prompted law enforcement to issue a warrant for his arrest.
  • The sheriff’s office quickly located and apprehended the individual, who is now facing additional charges for violating the terms of his release.


This case highlights the challenges law enforcement face in monitoring and supervising individuals convicted of sexual offenses. The ability of convicted sex offenders to remove their monitoring devices and potentially reoffend poses a serious threat to public safety.

Benefits and Practical Tips

When it comes to preventing such incidents, there are several measures that can be implemented to enhance monitoring and supervision of sex offenders:

  1. Regularly check the status and functionality of GPS monitoring devices to ensure they are not tampered with.
  2. Implement stricter penalties for offenders who attempt to remove or circumvent their monitoring devices.
  3. Improve communication and coordination between law enforcement agencies to track and apprehend offenders quickly.

Case Studies

There have been several cases in the past where convicted sex offenders have violated the terms of their release by removing their monitoring devices. These incidents underscore the need for a more robust and effective supervision system for such individuals.

First-hand Experience

Law enforcement officials and victim advocacy groups often provide valuable insights into the challenges of monitoring and supervising sex offenders. Their expertise and experience can help inform policies and procedures aimed at preventing repeat offenses.


The arrest of the Florida ‘sexual predator’ serves as a stark reminder of the importance of effective monitoring and supervision of convicted sex offenders. By implementing stronger measures and protocols, law enforcement can better protect the community from potential threats posed by repeat offenders.



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