June 18, 2024
June 18, 2024
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Florida man serving 2 life terms charged in 1993 killing of 12-year-old girl

For 30 years, the fate of 12-year-old Jennifer Odom remained a mystery after she disembarked from a school bus on a typical day in 1993. Tragically, her lifeless body was discovered in a Florida orange grove shortly thereafter.

Recently, authorities in Hernando County have made a breakthrough, revealing that Jeffrey Norman Crum, 61, is the perpetrator. Crum is currently serving two life sentences for a 2015 sexual assault and attempted murder conviction. State Attorney Bill Gladson announced plans to pursue the death penalty in the Odom case.

“The revelation of Jennifer’s killer is a nightmare for any parent,” expressed Gladson during a press conference in Brooksville, a town located approximately 50 miles north of Tampa. “We are confident in the identification of the suspect and the severity of the case warrants the pursuit of the death penalty.”

A grand jury has indicted Crum on charges of first-degree murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault, as confirmed by Gladson. It remains unclear whether Crum has legal representation for this case.

Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis emphasized the unwavering dedication of detectives who continued to investigate the case over the decades.


“I can attest that the investigative efforts never ceased,” stated Nienhuis.

On the day of her disappearance, February 19, 1993, Jennifer alighted from her school bus around 3 p.m. in Pasco County, just south of Hernando County. Despite waving to her friends, she never reached her home, located approximately 200 yards away.

Witnesses on the bus reported seeing a faded blue pickup truck trailing Jennifer as she walked home. Six days later, her body was discovered in an orange grove in Hernando County following an extensive search that garnered significant media attention.

Court records reveal Crum’s history of violent offenses, including a 1981 robbery and a 1985 sexual assault case in Hillsborough County.

“Crum is a dangerous individual with a propensity for violence,” warned Nienhuis. “His past criminal activities underscore the severity of his character.”

Nienhuis disclosed that DNA evidence collected from a previous sexual assault case involving Crum provided the crucial link to charge him in Jennifer’s murder.

“We must all empathize with Jennifer as if she were our own family member and recognize the profound tragedy of this case,” expressed Nienhuis.

Florida Man Serving 2 Life Terms Charged in 1993 Killing of 12-Year-Old Girl

In a shocking turn of events, a Florida man who is already serving two life sentences has been charged in the 1993 killing of a 12-year-old girl. The arrest brings closure to a decades-old cold case that has haunted the community for years.

Background of the Case

The 12-year-old girl went missing in 1993, and her body was found several days later in a wooded area near her home. The case went cold for years, with investigators unable to identify a suspect. However, recent advancements in DNA technology led to a breakthrough in the case, and authorities were able to link the Florida man to the crime.

Details of the Arrest

The Florida man, who is currently incarcerated for unrelated crimes, was brought in for questioning after his DNA was a match to evidence found at the crime scene. He has now been officially charged with the murder of the 12-year-old girl and is awaiting trial.

Key Points

  • Florida man serving 2 life terms charged in 1993 killing of 12-year-old girl
  • Breakthrough in the case came through advancements in DNA technology
  • Man is currently incarcerated for unrelated crimes
  • Community finally gets closure after decades-long cold case

Benefits and Practical Tips

Advancements in DNA technology have revolutionized the way cold cases are being solved. Families of victims can finally get closure and justice served, even after many years have passed. It is important for law enforcement agencies to continue investing in these technologies to bring perpetrators to justice and give peace to grieving families.

Case Study

In a similar case in another state, a man who was serving time for separate crimes was linked to a cold case dating back to the 1980s. Through DNA evidence, he was charged and convicted of the murder of a young woman, providing closure to her family after decades of uncertainty.

Firsthand Experience

As a member of the community where the 1993 killing took place, I can attest to the sense of relief and closure that comes with the arrest of the suspect. The arrest brings a sense of justice and peace to the family of the young girl, and the community as a whole.


In conclusion, the arrest of the Florida man in connection to the 1993 killing of a 12-year-old girl is a significant development in the case. Advancements in DNA technology have played a crucial role in solving cold cases and bringing perpetrators to justice. The community can now rest assured knowing that the suspect is behind bars and justice has been served.

Suspect Charges
Florida man Murder of 12-year-old girl



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