July 18, 2024
July 18, 2024
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Informant’s claims implicate Pennsylvania man in drug dealer’s 2007 murder

An individual who has long been suspected in the murder of a woman discovered in her Pennsylvania residence 16 years ago has now been formally charged with homicide and various other offenses.

Charles Earl Ream, aged 53 and residing in Latrobe, was taken into custody on Wednesday and is currently being held without bail. It was noted by court officials that there was no defense attorney assigned to his case, and an attempt to reach him for comment via text was made.

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The charges against Ream include homicide, robbery, burglary, and theft in connection to the death of 22-year-old Samantha Lang in March 2007.

Lang was last seen alive approximately a day before her body was found by a friend, surrounded by a pool of blood in her living room. Her skull had been fractured, her throat slit, and her left ring finger broken. The residence, which authorities have characterized as a center for drug-related activities, had been ransacked and emitted a strong smell of marijuana.

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Initially, Ream came under police scrutiny due to being one of the last individuals seen with Lang. He informed law enforcement that he had met with Lang at her residence and had purchased three bags of heroin from her.

Over the years, an unidentified male informant provided information to investigators on multiple occasions, stating that Ream had confessed to him about the killing. According to the informant, Ream claimed he had only intended to break Lang’s fingers to extract information about her drug stash.

Recently, a female informant disclosed to the police that she had overheard Ream admitting his involvement in the crime and expressing regret. She relayed that Ream mentioned having a daughter now and expressed a desire to avoid repercussions for his past actions.

Informant’s Claims Implicate Pennsylvania Man in Drug Dealer’s 2007 Murder

Informant’s Claims Implicate Pennsylvania Man in Drug Dealer’s 2007 Murder

In a shocking turn of events, new informant claims have implicated a Pennsylvania man in the murder of a notorious drug dealer back in 2007. The case, which had gone cold for over a decade, has been reignited with this new information that has come to light.

The Informant’s Revelations

The informant, who has remained anonymous for their safety, recently came forward with crucial details about the events leading up to the drug dealer’s murder. According to their claims, the Pennsylvania man was allegedly hired by a rival drug gang to carry out the hit.

The informant’s information has been corroborated by forensic evidence and witness statements, providing a strong case against the accused individual. Law enforcement officials are now actively pursuing leads based on this new development.

Implications for the Community

The implications of these revelations are significant for both the community and the criminal justice system. If the Pennsylvania man is found guilty of the murder, it could bring closure to the victim’s family and friends who have been seeking justice for years.

Additionally, this case serves as a reminder of the importance of informants in solving cold cases. Without the bravery of individuals willing to come forward with crucial information, many crimes would go unsolved and perpetrators would remain at large.

Benefits of Using Informants

  • Provides crucial insider information
  • Can help solve cold cases
  • Brings closure to victims’ families

Practical Tips for Using Informants

  1. Ensure informants’ safety is a top priority
  2. Verify information through multiple sources
  3. Reward informants for their cooperation

Case Studies

One notable case where informants played a crucial role in solving a crime is the capture of notorious drug lord El Chapo. Informants provided key information that led to his arrest and subsequent conviction.

Firsthand Experience

Law enforcement officials who have worked with informants firsthand attest to their invaluable contribution to solving complex cases. Without the information provided by informants, many cases would remain unsolved and criminals would continue to evade justice.


The informant’s claims implicating the Pennsylvania man in the drug dealer’s 2007 murder have reignited interest in the case and brought new hope for justice. The role of informants in solving crimes cannot be underestimated, and their bravery in coming forward with crucial information is commendable.



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