July 18, 2024
July 18, 2024
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California man guilty of murdering trio of ding-dong ditch pranksters sentenced to life in prison

A Riverside County, California resident has been sentenced to life in prison for the tragic killing of three teenage boys who engaged in a harmless prank at his home in 2020. Anurag Chandra, 45, was convicted in April on three counts of attempted murder and three counts of first-degree murder, leading to his recent sentencing by FOX 40 in Sacramento.

The incident occurred on January 19, 2020, when a group of teenagers were dared to ring Chandra’s doorbell, resulting in a series of events that ended in tragedy. Chandra claimed that one of the boys exposed himself before fleeing, which angered him due to his intoxication and concerns for his family’s safety.

In a fit of rage, Chandra pursued the teenagers in his vehicle, reaching speeds of up to 99 miles per hour on Temescal Canyon Road. The reckless chase ultimately led to a fatal crash, resulting in the deaths of Daniel Hawkins, Drake Ruiz, and Jacob Ivascu, all 16 years old, while the driver and two 13-year-old passengers survived.

Prior to this horrific incident, Chandra had a history of domestic violence allegations in 2020. Following his arrest on January 20, 2020, he has been held at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside.

This tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of unchecked anger and violence, highlighting the importance of addressing underlying issues and seeking help when faced with challenging situations. The impact of this senseless act will forever be felt by the families and communities affected, underscoring the need for compassion and understanding in times of conflict.

California man guilty of murdering trio of ding-dong ditch pranksters sentenced to life in prison

It was a shocking and heinous crime that left a community reeling – a California man has been found guilty of murdering three young men who were playing a harmless prank known as “ding-dong ditch”. The man, whose name has not been released to the public, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for his crimes.

The Tragic Events

The incident occurred late one night in a quiet suburban neighborhood. The three victims, all in their early twenties, had been going door to door ringing doorbells and running away as a prank. Little did they know that one homeowner would react in such a violent and senseless manner.

The man in question, a middle-aged resident of the neighborhood, became irate at the repeated pranks and decided to take matters into his own hands. Armed with a gun, he waited for the young men to approach his house and then opened fire, killing all three of them in cold blood.

The Trial and Verdict

During the trial, the defendant claimed that he had acted in self-defense and that he feared for his life when he heard someone at his door late at night. However, the evidence presented in court painted a much darker picture of a man who had become obsessed with catching the pranksters at any cost.

Witnesses testified that the man had been seen patrolling his property with a gun on multiple occasions, and that he had made threatening comments about what he would do if he caught the pranksters. In the end, the jury found him guilty of first-degree murder and he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The Aftermath

The tragic events of that night had a profound impact on the community, which was left shocked and grieving for the loss of three young lives. The families of the victims spoke out against the senseless violence that had taken their loved ones away, and called for justice to be served.

While the man responsible for the murders will spend the rest of his life behind bars, the scars left by his actions will never fully heal. The case serves as a grim reminder of the consequences of taking the law into one’s own hands and the devastating impact of senseless violence.

Lessons Learned

While ding-dong ditch may seem like a harmless prank, the tragic events in California serve as a stark reminder that actions can have serious consequences. It is important for individuals to think about the potential impact of their actions before engaging in any kind of behavior that could be seen as disrespectful or threatening.

Furthermore, the case highlights the need for responsible gun ownership and the dangers of vigilantism. It is never acceptable to take the law into one’s own hands, and resorting to violence should never be seen as a solution to a perceived problem.


The sentencing of the California man guilty of murdering three young men playing ding-dong ditch serves as a tragic reminder of the devastating consequences of senseless violence. While justice has been served in this case, the scars left by the incident will never fully heal.



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