May 23, 2024
May 23, 2024
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Caretaker-turned-squatter in Queens: Sewage flood, money demands and other allegations emerge in NYC suburb

The Landa family has faced challenges in removing a potential squatter from their $2 million dream home, with allegations of financial exploitation through utilities abuse and causing a sewage flood. Joseph Landa expressed frustration at the squatter’s ability to manipulate the system without legal representation, living rent-free, renting out rooms, and causing damage to the property.

Brett Flores, who had been living and working in the Douglaston home caring for Bernand Fernandez, refused to vacate the premises after Fernandez’s passing, claiming he had permission to stay. The Landas, long-time residents of the neighborhood, purchased the house next to their own with the intention of having their sons live there and assist in caring for their brother with Down syndrome in the future.

Despite offering to pay Flores the requested amount to leave, the Landas became wary after learning about his questionable past deeds. Flores is accused of flooding the backyard and renting out rooms on a hospitality site, even before Fernandez’s death. Neighbors had also raised concerns about Flores’ activities, with the Landas feeling sympathetic towards those affected.

Flores allegedly attempted to inflate utility bills by keeping lights and heating on constantly, leading to significant costs for the Landas. Due to squatter protection laws in New York, the Landas were unable to cut off utilities or forcibly remove Flores without legal intervention. The ongoing dispute is set to continue in court in April.

The Landas emphasized the challenges of dealing with squatters and hoped that their experience would serve as a cautionary tale for others facing similar situations. They highlighted the need for legal protection and support in addressing such issues effectively.

Caretaker-Turned-Squatter in Queens: Sewage Flood, Money Demands, and Other Allegations Emerge in NYC Suburb


In a quiet suburban neighborhood in Queens, New York City, a bizarre and troubling situation has emerged involving a caretaker-turned-squatter who has allegedly flooded a home with sewage, made outrageous money demands, and caused havoc for the property owner. The case has drawn attention from local authorities and residents as the saga unfolds.

Incident Details

The trouble began when a homeowner in Queens hired a caretaker to look after their property while they were away. However, what was intended to be a temporary arrangement turned into a nightmare when the caretaker refused to vacate the premises and allegedly intentionally caused a sewage flood in the home.

The homeowner, shocked by the situation, tried to negotiate with the caretaker to leave, but the demands made by the squatter were exorbitant and unreasonable, leading to a standoff between the two parties.


  • Intentional sewage flood in the home
  • Excessive money demands by the caretaker
  • Refusal to vacate the property

Local Response

Local authorities in Queens have been made aware of the situation and are working to mediate the dispute between the homeowner and the caretaker. The case has attracted media attention, shining a spotlight on the unusual circumstances surrounding the squatter’s presence in the suburban neighborhood.

Benefits and Practical Tips

While the case of the caretaker-turned-squatter in Queens may seem extreme, it serves as a stark reminder for homeowners to be cautious when hiring caretakers or house sitters. Here are some practical tips to avoid similar situations:

  • Perform thorough background checks on potential caretakers
  • Have a clear and legally binding agreement in place
  • Maintain regular communication with the caretaker while away
  • Ensure someone you trust is informed of the caretaker arrangement

Case Studies

Similar cases of caretakers overstaying their welcome or causing property damage have been reported in other parts of the country. Homeowners should exercise caution and vigilance when entrusting their property to others, even if it is for a short period.

Firsthand Experience

One homeowner shared their firsthand experience of hiring a caretaker who refused to leave despite repeated requests. The homeowner had to seek legal assistance to resolve the situation, highlighting the importance of having proper documentation and safeguards in place.


The case of the caretaker-turned-squatter in Queens serves as a cautionary tale for homeowners everywhere. By taking the necessary precautions and being vigilant, homeowners can protect themselves from potential disputes and damages caused by unscrupulous individuals. Remember, trust but verify when it comes to entrusting your property to others.



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