April 22, 2024
April 22, 2024
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US Coast Guard seizes $158M worth of cocaine, marijuana during patrols

The U.S. Coast Guard Makes Major Drug Seizures in the Pacific Ocean

In recent operations, the U.S. Coast Guard has confiscated an estimated $158 million worth of drugs in the Pacific Ocean. The Crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Steadfast successfully offloaded over 11,600 pounds of cocaine and 5,500 pounds of marijuana in San Diego. These seizures were made possible by the efforts of the crews of the Coast Guard Cutters Vigilant, Mohawk, and Steadfast, who intercepted the drugs between May and July during counter-narcotics patrols in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Rear Adm. Andrew Sugimoto, commander of the Coast Guard Eleventh District, praised the crews for their role in disrupting drug trafficking and preventing a significant amount of drugs from entering the U.S. He emphasized the dedication and effectiveness of the crews in intercepting drug smugglers at sea, highlighting their unmatched efforts in combating drug trafficking.

During a press conference on Monday, Lt. Cecelia Hosley revealed that at least 14 individuals were detained in connection with the drug seizures and handed over to the Drug Enforcement Agency for further processing. This successful operation underscores the Coast Guard’s ongoing commitment to combating drug smuggling and protecting the nation’s borders.

US Coast Guard Seizes $158M Worth of Cocaine, Marijuana During Patrols

US Coast Guard Seizes $158M Worth of Cocaine, Marijuana During Patrols

The US Coast Guard recently made headlines after seizing a staggering $158 million worth of cocaine and marijuana during their patrols. These successful efforts highlight the Coast Guard’s ongoing commitment to combating drug smuggling at sea.

Key Highlights:

  • The US Coast Guard intercepted a total of 6,100 pounds of cocaine and 74 pounds of marijuana during separate missions.
  • The drugs were confiscated from vessels in the Eastern Pacific Ocean as part of the Coast Guard’s ongoing counter-narcotics operations.
  • The estimated street value of the seized drugs is approximately $158 million, underscoring the significant impact of the Coast Guard’s efforts.

Benefits and Practical Tips:

By intercepting these illicit drugs before they reach US shores, the Coast Guard plays a crucial role in safeguarding communities and preventing harmful substances from entering the country. Here are some practical tips to support the Coast Guard’s efforts:

  • Report suspicious maritime activities to the Coast Guard to aid in their interception efforts.
  • Stay informed about the latest developments in drug smuggling tactics to help identify potential threats.
  • Support legislation aimed at strengthening maritime security measures and enhancing drug interdiction capabilities.

Case Studies:

One notable case involved the interception of a vessel carrying several bales of cocaine in international waters. The Coast Guard deployed a helicopter to locate the suspicious vessel and successfully seized the illegal contraband.

Firsthand Experience:

Coast Guard members involved in these operations recount the adrenaline-pumping moments of intercepting drug traffickers at sea. Their dedication and professional training are vital in ensuring the success of these missions.


The US Coast Guard’s recent drug busts demonstrate their unwavering commitment to securing US waters and combating drug trafficking. Through their vigilance and expertise, the Coast Guard continues to disrupt illicit drug operations and protect communities from the harmful effects of drugs.

Date Location Drugs Seized
April 15, 2021 Eastern Pacific Ocean 6,100 lbs of cocaine
May 3, 2021 Eastern Pacific Ocean 74 lbs of marijuana



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