July 19, 2024
July 19, 2024
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Third illegal makeshift shelter housing African migrants revealed in NYC

A Senegalese individual was recently apprehended for unlawfully accommodating numerous African migrants in two of his properties, a situation reminiscent of a similar incident in January, as reported by the New York Post. Ebou Sarr, aged 47, who has a history of encounters with law enforcement, was discovered to be charging these desperate migrants $300 per month to reside in his establishments in New York City – a furniture store in Queens and a former cell phone store in the Bronx. The living conditions in these properties were extremely cramped, with video footage from the Queens building revealing tightly packed bunk beds arranged side by side with minimal space in between.

Sarr faced a multitude of violations due to the hazardous conditions of the buildings, resulting in both properties being ordered to be vacated. Court documents cited by the New York Post indicate that Sarr was previously arrested in January for operating a third makeshift shelter in an abandoned library in the Bronx known as the Old Fordham Library. When law enforcement officials entered the premises, Sarr referred to it as “our migrant shelter,” claiming that he was assisting these individuals who had nowhere else to go as traditional shelters refused to accommodate them.

Despite facing charges of criminal trespassing, Sarr continues to advocate for the utilization of the abandoned library as a shelter for migrants, emphasizing its current disuse. He expressed his belief that the city should refurbish the building and allocate it for housing individuals in need. Sarr’s interactions with law enforcement have been frequent over the past decade, with incidents ranging from domestic violence to criminal offenses such as operating a stolen vehicle without a license and possession of marijuana.

In a recent development, city officials conducted a thorough inspection of a commercial building on East Kingsbridge Road in Fordham operated by Sarr, where they discovered densely packed sleeping arrangements on both the first floor and in the cellar. The presence of extension cords, e-bikes, space heaters, and hotplates inside the building raised concerns regarding safety hazards, particularly in light of the increased incidents of fires and injuries caused by lithium batteries in New York City. This inspection followed the discovery of another makeshift hostel in a furniture building in Queens owned by Sarr, where approximately 74 migrants were found cramped into the premises.

Sarr disclosed to Fox 5 that the majority of the migrants were from Senegal and that he was providing them with meals throughout the day. Cellphone footage captured inside the building depicted a stark scene of African men residing in a confined space filled with beds, illustrating the challenging living conditions they were subjected to. The beds were arranged closely together, leaving minimal walking space and emphasizing the overcrowded nature of the makeshift shelter.

Third Illegal Makeshift Shelter Housing African Migrants Revealed in NYC

Another illegal makeshift shelter housing African migrants has been uncovered in New York City, making it the third such discovery in recent months. The shocking revelation has brought attention to the issues faced by migrants seeking refuge in the city and the challenges they encounter in finding safe and affordable housing.


The latest makeshift shelter was discovered in a rundown building in Brooklyn, where dozens of African migrants were found living in cramped and unsanitary conditions. This follows similar discoveries in Harlem and Queens, highlighting the widespread problem of inadequate housing for migrants in NYC.

Living Conditions

The living conditions in these illegal shelters are deplorable, with migrants forced to share small, overcrowded rooms with no access to basic amenities. Many of them are vulnerable individuals who have escaped persecution and violence in their home countries, only to face further hardship in NYC.

Challenges Faced by Migrants

Migrants in NYC face a myriad of challenges, including high rental prices, discrimination, and limited access to resources and support services. Many end up living in overcrowded and unsafe conditions due to the lack of affordable housing options.

Impact on the Community

The discovery of these illegal shelters not only highlights the struggles faced by migrants but also raises concerns about the impact on the surrounding community. Overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions can lead to health and safety hazards for both the migrants and residents in the area.

Efforts to Address the Issue

Local authorities and nonprofit organizations are working to address the issue of inadequate housing for migrants in NYC. Efforts are being made to provide more affordable housing options, support services, and legal assistance to help migrants find safe and stable accommodation.

Case Studies

One such organization, the African Services Committee, has been working tirelessly to support African migrants in NYC. They provide housing assistance, legal services, and language classes to help migrants integrate into the community and build a better future for themselves.

First-Hand Experience

Speaking to some of the migrants living in these illegal shelters, it is clear that they are desperate for a safe and stable place to call home. Many have faced unimaginable hardships on their journey to NYC and are simply seeking a better life for themselves and their families.


The revelation of the third illegal makeshift shelter housing African migrants in NYC sheds light on the challenges faced by migrants in finding safe and affordable housing. It is vital for local authorities, nonprofit organizations, and the community to come together to address these issues and provide support to those in need.

Benefits and Practical Tips

  • Support local organizations that provide housing assistance to migrants.
  • Volunteer or donate to organizations working to support migrants in NYC.
  • Advocate for more affordable housing options and resources for migrants in the city.

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Third Illegal Makeshift Shelter Housing African Migrants Revealed in NYC

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