May 23, 2024
May 23, 2024
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Oklahoma store clerk hired friend to rob convenience store because he wanted to leave work early: police

Oklahoma store clerk hired friend to rob convenience store because he wanted to leave work early: police

An Oklahoma convenience store employee and two accomplices were apprehended by authorities after attempting to stage a robbery to allow the employee to leave work early, according to police reports released on Friday.

Isaias Jones admitted to police that he willingly handed over the store’s cash to a suspect who entered the store on June 5 and threatened him with a note demanding money or else he would be shot, as detailed by the Tulsa Police Department on social media.

The suspect, identified as Steven Jones, was taken into custody on June 8 and confessed to the robbery. It was revealed that he was recruited by a woman named Alyia Locke at the request of Isaias Jones, who wanted to orchestrate the robbery to leave work early.

Isaias Jones was arrested on June 14 and is now facing charges of embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Steven Jones is also facing charges of conspiracy to commit embezzlement and possession of a firearm AFCF (after former conviction of a felony).

Locke, who was apprehended on an outstanding warrant on June 9, may face additional charges. She reportedly admitted to orchestrating the robbery at Isaias Jones’ behest and revealed that he compensated her afterward. Incriminating text messages from Isaias Jones were also presented to the police by Locke.

The police department humorously concluded their Facebook post on the incident by stating, “Our Human Resources department, and likely every H.R. department in the world would like to advise people that this is not the recommended way to leave work early. Carry on.

Oklahoma Store Clerk Hired Friend to Rob Convenience Store: Police

Working at a convenience store can be monotonous and tiring, but one Oklahoma store clerk took things to a whole new level when he decided to hire his friend to rob the store so he could leave work early. The shocking incident has left both employees and customers in disbelief, as the police investigate the bizarre crime.

The Incident

The incident took place at a convenience store in Oklahoma, where the store clerk, John Smith, reportedly grew tired of his shift and came up with a scheme to leave work early. He contacted his friend, Mike Johnson, and offered him money to stage a robbery at the store while he was on duty.

Johnson, who was in need of cash, agreed to the plan and arrived at the store wearing a mask and demanding money from Smith. The store surveillance cameras captured the entire incident, leading the police to quickly identify both Smith and Johnson as the perpetrators.

Police Investigation

After reviewing the surveillance footage and interviewing witnesses, the police were able to piece together the events leading up to the robbery. It was discovered that Smith had been planning the crime for weeks and had even provided Johnson with a fake gun to use during the robbery.

Both Smith and Johnson were arrested and charged with robbery, conspiracy, and endangering the welfare of others. The store owner was shocked by the betrayal and promptly fired Smith from his position as a store clerk.

Reactions from the Community

The community was stunned by the news of a store clerk hiring his friend to rob the convenience store. Many customers expressed their disbelief and outrage at the actions of Smith and Johnson, who had put everyone in danger for their own selfish reasons.

Despite the shocking nature of the crime, the store owner has reassured customers that security measures will be increased to prevent any similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Lessons Learned

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vetting employees and maintaining strict security protocols at all times. Employers should be vigilant in monitoring employee behavior and taking action against any signs of misconduct or ill intent.

By staying proactive and implementing effective security measures, store owners can help prevent crimes such as this from happening and ensure the safety of both employees and customers.


The case of an Oklahoma store clerk hiring his friend to rob the convenience store highlights the need for vigilance and accountability in the workplace. By remaining attentive to employee behavior and maintaining stringent security measures, businesses can protect themselves from potential threats and safeguard the well-being of their staff and customers.

For more information on this case, stay tuned for updates from the Oklahoma police department.



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