April 18, 2024
April 18, 2024
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Ohio amusement park guest struck by flying cell phone on roller coaster going 70 mph

A recent incident at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park resulted in a visitor being injured by a cell phone while riding the Maverick roller coaster. The incident occurred when a passenger in front of David Carter had their cell phone fly out of their pocket, hitting Carter in the head. This unfortunate event left Carter with an open head wound that bled for over an hour and a diagnosed concussion.

Carter took to Facebook to share his experience, emphasizing the importance of following safety rules on rides. He expressed gratitude that the situation didn’t escalate further, highlighting the potential dangers of not adhering to park guidelines.

In response to the incident, a Cedar Point spokesperson informed the Detroit Free Press that loose items must be secured before riding attractions. The injured visitor received prompt treatment from the park’s first aid team and was subsequently released.

Despite the park’s efforts to address the situation, Carter expressed dissatisfaction with their response, indicating that there were areas for improvement in handling such incidents. Cedar Point’s website provides details about the Maverick roller coaster, including its impressive height of 105 feet and top speeds of 70 mph.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to safety regulations at amusement parks to prevent accidents and injuries. Visitors are urged to secure loose items and follow park guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Ohio amusement park guest struck by flying cell phone on roller coaster going 70 mph

Ohio amusement park guest struck by flying cell phone on roller coaster going 70 mph

Recently, an unfortunate incident occurred at an amusement park in Ohio where a guest was struck by a flying cell phone while riding a roller coaster that was traveling at a speed of 70 mph. The incident has raised concerns about guest safety in amusement parks and the potential dangers associated with riding high-speed thrill rides.

The incident

The incident took place at the XYZ amusement park in Ohio. The guest, who was riding the park’s flagship roller coaster, was struck by a cell phone that flew out of the pocket of another rider who was seated in front of them. The cell phone hit the guest in the head, causing minor injuries. The roller coaster was traveling at a speed of 70 mph at the time of the incident.

Causes of the incident

There are several factors that could have led to this unfortunate incident:

  • Guest negligence in securing personal belongings
  • Park’s lack of strict enforcement of safety rules
  • Inadequate safety measures to prevent objects from flying out of pockets

Prevention measures

Amusement parks can take several measures to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future:

Prevention measure Description
Strict enforcement of safety rules Amusement parks should ensure that guests follow safety guidelines, including securing personal belongings before getting on rides.
Clear signage Parks should have clear signage reminding guests to secure loose items and avoid taking out phones or other objects during rides.
Ride modifications Roller coasters can be modified to include secure pouches or compartments for guests to store their belongings during rides.

Benefits and practical tips

Guests can also take steps to ensure their own safety while enjoying amusement park rides:

  • Secure all loose items in designated compartments or pouches.
  • Avoid taking out phones or other objects during rides.
  • Follow safety instructions provided by park staff.

Case studies

There have been other incidents in the past where guests have been injured by flying objects on amusement park rides. These incidents highlight the importance of ensuring guest safety and implementing effective prevention measures.

First-hand experience

It is essential for amusement parks to prioritize guest safety and take proactive steps to prevent accidents like the one that occurred in Ohio. By educating guests about safety measures and enforcing strict rules, parks can create a safer environment for all visitors to enjoy.



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