July 2, 2024
July 2, 2024
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NYC students say Hitler jabs, death threats are coming from small group after Post reveals disturbing actions against Jewish teacher

At Origins High School in Brooklyn, a group of students, one of whom is known for wearing a Hitler ‌mustache, has been causing trouble by harassing their peers. According to two students ⁤who ‍spoke to The Post‍ on⁤ Monday, ‌this pack of students has been‌ targeting anyone they⁣ come across in the school halls.

NYC Students Report Hitler Jabs and Death Threats Against Jewish Teacher

Recently, students in New York City have come forward with ‌reports of disturbing actions taken against a Jewish teacher in their school. The incidents include⁣ references to Hitler, death threats, and other anti-Semitic behavior that have left the teacher feeling‍ unsafe in their workplace.

Details of the Incidents

According to reports by the New York Post, a⁤ small group of⁢ students have ​been⁤ targeting the Jewish teacher with offensive remarks, including references to Adolf Hitler and threats of violence. The teacher, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has expressed fear ⁣for their safety and is calling for action to ​be taken against the students responsible.

Student Reactions

Many students in the school have expressed shock and disbelief at the actions of their peers. Some have spoken out‍ in support of the teacher, condemning the behavior and calling for unity​ and respect among classmates. Others have ​reported feeling uncomfortable and fearful in light of the incidents.

Response from School Officials

School officials have stated that they are taking the⁣ reports ‍seriously and are investigating the incidents. They have ‍emphasized a zero-tolerance policy towards ⁣any form of ⁤discrimination or harassment and have pledged to take appropriate action to address the situation.

Community Support

The local​ community has rallied around the teacher, offering support and solidarity in the face of the hateful actions. Many have called for increased education and awareness around ‌anti-Semitism and have ‌urged for measures to ⁢be ⁢put in ⁤place ‌to prevent future incidents.

Impact on the Teacher

The ⁢teacher at the center of the controversy has reported feeling traumatized and anxious as a result ‌of the targeted harassment. They have expressed frustration at the ⁤lack of immediate action taken by school officials and are calling for a ‍swift resolution to⁤ the situation.

Next Steps

It is crucial for schools to create a safe and⁢ inclusive environment for all students and‌ staff. Addressing incidents of ⁢discrimination and hate speech promptly and ⁢effectively is ‍essential in upholding these values and ensuring the well-being of everyone in the school community.


It is important for students, teachers, and school officials to come together to address incidents of⁤ discrimination and hate speech in schools. By promoting respect, understanding, and empathy, we can ‍create a more positive and inclusive environment for ⁣all members of the community.

Let us all work together⁤ to combat anti-Semitism and prejudice in our schools and beyond.



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