May 9, 2024
May 9, 2024
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New Mexico economic development secretary Alicia Keyes resigns

New Mexico’s top economic development official is resigning after leading efforts to boost state investments and incentives in various sectors such as outdoor recreation, aerospace, film industry, and venture capital for over four years.

State Economic Development Department Secretary Alicia Keyes will be stepping down from her position in mid-July, as announced by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. Keyes’ departure was praised for her commitment to enhancing employment opportunities and strengthening the state’s economy.

Despite a significant decrease in unemployment rates following the COVID-19 lockdowns, New Mexico still struggles with lower workforce participation rates compared to the national average. Keyes expressed her satisfaction in working with New Mexicans to create better-paying jobs and ensure economic stability for future generations.

During her tenure starting in January 2019, Keyes played a key role in establishing the state’s outdoor recreation office and advocating for the creation of a media academy to support the local film industry. Governor Lujan Grisham highlighted the success of the Local Economic Development Act in generating over 8,500 jobs with higher wages through infrastructure investments for expanding or relocating businesses.

However, a recent analysis by the Legislature’s budget and accountability office revealed that taxpayer-funded incentives in New Mexico may not always result in the projected number of high-quality jobs, and there is inconsistency in reclaiming funds for unmet promises.

Following her resignation, Keyes plans to take a break before exploring opportunities in the private sector while remaining in New Mexico.

New Mexico Economic Development Secretary Alicia Keyes Resigns

On October 5, 2021, the state of New Mexico was shaken by the unexpected resignation of Alicia Keyes as the Economic Development Secretary. Keyes, who had been serving in the position since 2019, cited personal reasons for her departure. Her resignation has raised questions about the future direction of economic development in the state and the impact it will have on business growth and job creation.

Reasons for Resignation

Alicia Keyes’ decision to step down from her role as Economic Development Secretary came as a surprise to many in the state. While she did not provide specific details about her personal reasons for resigning, Keyes expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve the people of New Mexico and highlighted the accomplishments made during her tenure.

Impact on Economic Development

As the head of the New Mexico Economic Development Department, Alicia Keyes played a crucial role in driving economic growth in the state. Under her leadership, the department implemented various initiatives to attract businesses, promote entrepreneurship, and create job opportunities for New Mexicans. Keyes’ resignation raises concerns about the continuity of these efforts and the potential impact on the state’s economy.

Key Achievements Under Alicia Keyes

  • Successful attraction of new businesses to New Mexico
  • Expansion of existing businesses through incentives and support programs
  • Promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in key industries
  • Creation of job training and workforce development programs
  • Implementation of economic diversification strategies

Next Steps for Economic Development in New Mexico

With Alicia Keyes’ resignation, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham will need to appoint a new Economic Development Secretary to lead the department. The new appointee will inherit a robust economic development agenda and will be responsible for continuing the progress made under Keyes’ leadership. It will be crucial for the incoming Secretary to build on Keyes’ achievements and drive forward the state’s economic growth agenda.


The resignation of Alicia Keyes as the Economic Development Secretary of New Mexico has created uncertainty about the future of economic development in the state. While Keyes’ departure comes as a surprise, it also presents an opportunity for new leadership to take the reins and steer the state towards continued growth and prosperity. As New Mexicans await the appointment of a new Secretary, they can only hope that the momentum of economic development will not be lost and that the state will continue to thrive under fresh leadership.



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