June 16, 2024
June 16, 2024
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Interfaith parents protest Maryland school district’s LGBTQ curriculum, demand right for kids to opt-out

Interfaith parents protest Maryland school district’s LGBTQ curriculum, demand right for kids to opt-out

Parents of various faiths, such as Christians and Muslims, gathered outside the Montgomery County Public Schools headquarters in Maryland to advocate for the right to opt their children out of the controversial LGBTQ curriculum. The district, known as the wealthiest in Maryland, had announced plans to incorporate LGBTQ-inclusive reading materials into the English language arts curriculum. Despite parental requests for an opt-out policy, the school board maintained that students must engage with these materials.

According to an MCPS policy, students and families are not allowed to opt out of engaging with instructional materials, except for the “Family Life and Human Sexuality Unit of Instruction,” as permitted by Maryland law. This policy is set to take effect during the 2023-2024 academic year. Parents have been persistent in their efforts to have a say in the educational materials their children are exposed to at school.

Leading up to the demonstrations, MCPS restricted access to a Board of Education meeting citing “safety” concerns, limiting participation to scheduled speakers, invited attendees, and other guests within the room’s capacity. The rally saw parents from Islamic, Christian, Jewish, and Hindu backgrounds coming together to advocate for their children’s education. Bethany S. Mandel, one of the attendees, emphasized that the rally was not about politics but rather about ensuring quality education for their kids.

Mandel highlighted the growing realization among Montgomery County parents that the district prioritizes ideological activities over academic performance, despite dismal test scores. She expressed concerns about the district’s focus and questioned why resources were being allocated to ideological pursuits instead of educational advancement. Earlier in the year, a Montgomery County council member and former public school teacher faced backlash for labeling Muslim children as aligned with “White supremacists” for expressing reservations about sexuality discussions in classrooms. The council member later issued an apology for her remarks.

MCPS did not provide a response to inquiries regarding any incidents that may have prompted the safety concerns during the demonstrations. The diverse group of parents advocating for educational choice and quality remains steadfast in their efforts to shape their children’s learning experiences.

Interfaith Parents Protest Maryland School District’s LGBTQ Curriculum, Demand Right for Kids to Opt-Out


Recently, a Maryland school district has come under fire from interfaith parents who are protesting against the inclusion of LGBTQ curriculum in their children’s education. The parents argue that they should have the right for their kids to opt-out of such lessons, citing religious beliefs and concerns about age-appropriateness.


The Maryland school district introduced LGBTQ-inclusive lessons as part of their effort to promote diversity and acceptance in the curriculum. However, this decision has sparked backlash from some parents, particularly those with religious backgrounds who feel the material goes against their beliefs.

Key Points from the Protest

  • Interfaith parents are demanding the right to opt-out their children from LGBTQ curriculum.
  • They argue that such lessons should be optional, not mandatory.
  • Parents are concerned about the impact of these teachings on their children’s values and beliefs.

Benefits and Practical Tips

While the debate over LGBTQ curriculum rages on, there are some benefits to having these discussions in schools:

Benefits Practical Tips
Promotes diversity and inclusivity Engage in open dialogue with your child about the material
Helps students understand different perspectives Communicate with school administrators about your concerns

Case Studies

  1. One school district in California implemented LGBTQ curriculum with support from parents and saw a positive impact on student attitudes.
  2. In contrast, a school in Texas faced backlash from conservative parents and eventually removed the LGBTQ material from their lessons.

Firsthand Experience

As a parent, it’s important to approach the issue of LGBTQ curriculum with an open mind and consider the benefits of such education for your child’s overall development. While respecting religious beliefs is crucial, it’s also essential to foster a sense of understanding and tolerance towards all individuals.


Ultimately, the debate over LGBTQ curriculum in schools is complex and requires thoughtful consideration from all parties involved. Finding a balance between respecting religious beliefs and promoting inclusivity is key to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all students.



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