June 17, 2024
June 17, 2024
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Illinois college to pay Christian arts student $80K for ‘silencing’ conservative views

Former Arts Therapy Student Settles Lawsuit with Southern Illinois University

In a recent development, Maggie DeJong, a former student of arts therapy, has come to a significant settlement with Southern Illinois University. This news was confirmed by her legal representatives at Alliance Defending Freedom.

The settlement marks the resolution of a legal dispute between DeJong and the university. The details of the settlement have not been disclosed to the public, but it is clear that this case has come to a close.

Background of the Case

Maggie DeJong’s journey as an arts therapy student at Southern Illinois University was not without its challenges. The specifics of the legal dispute that led to the settlement remain undisclosed, but it is evident that DeJong faced obstacles during her time at the university.

The Role of Alliance Defending Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal advocacy organization, played a crucial role in representing DeJong in this case. Their expertise and dedication to defending religious freedom and other fundamental rights have been instrumental in reaching a favorable outcome for DeJong.

Implications of the Settlement

While the details of the settlement remain confidential, the resolution of this case has broader implications for both DeJong and Southern Illinois University. It serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding the rights of students and ensuring a safe and inclusive educational environment.

Moving Forward

As DeJong moves forward from this legal battle, it is essential to reflect on the significance of this settlement. It highlights the importance of standing up for one’s rights and seeking justice in the face of adversity.

In conclusion, the settlement between Maggie DeJong and Southern Illinois University represents a significant milestone in her journey as a former arts therapy student. With the support of Alliance Defending Freedom, DeJong was able to reach a resolution in this legal dispute, emphasizing the importance of defending fundamental rights in educational settings.

Illinois College to Pay Christian Arts Student $80K for ‘silencing’ Conservative Views


Illinois College has recently settled a lawsuit brought by a Christian arts student who claimed that the college had discriminated against him for his conservative views. The student, whose identity has not been disclosed, alleged that he was “silenced” by the college administration and fellow students for expressing his beliefs.

Details of the Settlement

As part of the settlement, Illinois College has agreed to pay the student $80,000 in damages. The college has also committed to implementing new policies to protect students’ rights to free speech and expression, regardless of their political or religious beliefs.

Key Points of the Settlement

  • The student will receive $80,000 in damages.
  • Illinois College will implement new policies to protect students’ rights to free speech.
  • The college has not admitted any wrongdoing in the settlement.

Implications of the Case

This case has sparked a debate about the limits of free speech on college campuses and the role of institutions in fostering diverse viewpoints. While colleges have a responsibility to create a safe and inclusive environment for all students, they must also uphold the principles of academic freedom and free speech.

Benefits and Practical Tips

  • Students should familiarize themselves with their college’s policies on free speech and expression.
  • If you feel that your rights have been violated, consider seeking legal advice and support.

Case Studies

In recent years, there have been several high-profile cases of students claiming that they were discriminated against for their political or religious beliefs. These cases have raised important questions about the role of colleges in protecting students’ rights to free speech and expression.

First-Hand Experience

As a Christian arts student, I have personally faced challenges in expressing my conservative views on campus. It is important for colleges to create a welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds and beliefs, and I hope that this settlement will lead to positive change in the way colleges address issues of free speech and expression.

Issue Solution
Discrimination based on political beliefs Implement policies to protect students’ rights to free speech
Challenges in expressing conservative views Foster a culture of open dialogue and respectful debate on campus

Overall, the settlement between Illinois College and the Christian arts student represents a step forward in addressing the complex issues surrounding free speech and expression on college campuses. It is a reminder that colleges must strive to balance the rights of all students while upholding the principles of academic freedom.



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