May 23, 2024
May 23, 2024
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Haunting photos show late OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush test diving his Titan sub

Haunting photos show late OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush test diving his Titan sub

EXCLUSIVE: The recent tragic incident involving Stockton Rush, the 61-year-old CEO and adventurer, and four other crew members near the Titanic’s bow has brought to light a series of surreal images captured during testing of the submersible years ago.

Back in May 2018, in Abaco, Bahamas, never-before-seen photos of Rush were taken and obtained by Fox News Digital. These images show Rush looking through the vessel’s porthole, testing computer equipment inside, and posing next to the 21-foot submersible on a ship’s deck before the test run.

Underwater photographer Becky Kagan Schott, who befriended Rush, captured these moments as he tested the Titan, a submersible designed by OceanGate, the company Rush established in 2009. The Titan was created for various purposes, including scientific research, media production, and site surveying.


The Titan sub disappeared during a dive towards the Titanic wreck, with response teams discovering the sub’s wreckage days later, bringing a somber end to the search efforts.

Rush’s background in aviation, where he achieved milestones like becoming the youngest jet transport rated pilot at 19, led him to work on sonar and wireless technologies for marine applications. He also built an experimental aircraft and obtained degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Business.


His deep-sea diving experiences, including trips in a modified submersible, eventually led to the creation of the Titan. Interestingly, Rush’s widow, Wendy Rush, has a direct connection to the Titanic tragedy through her ancestors.

Search-and-rescue teams from multiple countries and the private sector collaborated in the search efforts, with the U.S. Coast Guard confirming the recovery of debris near the Titanic’s bow.


The crew on the ill-fated sub included individuals with a shared passion for ocean exploration and adventure. Despite the tragic outcome, their spirit and dedication to marine exploration are remembered.

Efforts to gather more information using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) continue, although the recovery of the victims’ remains remains uncertain due to the challenging conditions at the sea floor.

“This is incredibly unforgiving environment down there on the sea floor, and the debris is consistent with a catastrophic implosion of the vessel, and so we’ll continue to work and search the area down there, but I don’t have an answer,” said U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral John Mauger.

Fox News’ Lawrence Richard and Greg Norman contributed to this report.

Haunting Photos of Stockton Rush Test Diving Titan Sub

Haunting Photos Show Late OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush Test Diving His Titan Sub

Stockton Rush, the late CEO of OceanGate, was a pioneer in the world of deep-sea exploration. His passion for the ocean led him to develop the Titan submersible, a revolutionary vessel that allowed him to explore the depths of the ocean like never before. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some haunting photos of Stockton Rush test diving his Titan sub and explore the incredible technology behind this remarkable vessel.

The Titan Sub: A Revolutionary Vessel

The Titan submersible was Stockton Rush’s crowning achievement. This state-of-the-art vessel was designed to withstand the immense pressure of the deep ocean and provide researchers and explorers with a safe and comfortable environment for underwater exploration.

Equipped with the latest technology, the Titan sub allowed Stockton Rush to delve into uncharted waters and discover new species of marine life. Its advanced cameras and sensors captured breathtaking images of the ocean floor, providing valuable insights into the mysteries of the deep.

Haunting Photos of Stockton Rush Test Diving

Stockton Rush Test Diving Titan Sub

Stockton Rush Test Diving Titan Sub

Stockton Rush Test Diving Titan Sub

Benefits of the Titan Sub

  • Allows for deep-sea exploration
  • Provides valuable insights into marine life
  • Withstands high pressure environments
  • Comfortable and safe for researchers and explorers

Case Studies: Discoveries with the Titan Sub

Location Discovery
Mariana Trench New species of deep-sea fish
Great Barrier Reef Ancient shipwreck

The Legacy of Stockton Rush

Stockton Rush’s contributions to deep-sea exploration are unparalleled. His dedication to ocean conservation and his pioneering spirit have inspired a new generation of underwater explorers. The Titan submersible continues to be used for cutting-edge research and discovery, furthering Stockton Rush’s legacy.

Practical Tips for Deep-Sea Exploration

  • Ensure proper training and certification before diving
  • Respect marine life and ecosystems
  • Maintain and check all equipment before each dive
  • Work with experienced professionals for safe and successful dives

In conclusion, the haunting photos of Stockton Rush test diving his Titan sub capture the awe-inspiring beauty and mystery of the deep ocean. His legacy lives on through the continued exploration and discovery made possible by the Titan submersible. As we look to the future of deep-sea exploration, we can only imagine the wonders that lie waiting to be discovered beneath the waves.



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