April 16, 2024
April 16, 2024
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Gov. Scott says ‘Vermont Strong’ license plates making comeback in historic flood aftermath

In the wake of recent historic flooding in Vermont, Governor Phil Scott announced the revival of the iconic “I am Vermont Strong” license plate, originally introduced in 2012 to support recovery efforts after Tropical Storm Irene. The plates, which symbolize the state’s resilience, will feature a new design and aim to raise funds for flood relief.

Governor Scott revealed this initiative during a press conference, emphasizing the importance of supporting those affected by the devastating floods. Various fundraising campaigns are already in motion to assist homeowners and businesses in rebuilding. Additionally, a $20 million state relief grant program has been established to aid businesses that sustained physical damage from the flooding.

The recent floods have taken a toll on hundreds of businesses, with reports indicating damage equivalent to two months’ worth of rainfall in just a few days. As Vermont remains under a flash flood watch, with forecasts predicting up to 3 inches of rain in some areas, swiftwater rescue teams are on standby across the state to respond to any emergencies.

The resurgence of the “I am Vermont Strong” license plate serves as a reminder of the state’s resilience in the face of adversity. By coming together and supporting one another, Vermonters are working towards recovery and rebuilding in the aftermath of this natural disaster.

Gov. Scott says ‘Vermont Strong’ license plates making comeback in historic flood aftermath

In a show of resilience and solidarity, Governor Phil Scott has announced that the iconic ‘Vermont Strong’ license plates will be making a comeback in the aftermath of the devastating floods that have recently hit the state. The decision to reintroduce these plates comes as a symbol of unity and strength, as Vermonters come together to rebuild and recover from the historic natural disaster.

The Significance of ‘Vermont Strong’ License Plates

The ‘Vermont Strong’ license plates first made their debut in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene, which caused widespread damage across the state in 2011. The plates quickly became a symbol of Vermonters’ resilience and determination to overcome adversity. Now, as Vermont faces another challenge in the form of severe flooding, Governor Scott believes that bringing back these plates will serve as a reminder of the state’s unwavering spirit in the face of adversity.

Benefits and Practical Tips

There are several benefits to reintroducing the ‘Vermont Strong’ license plates, including:

  • Unity: The plates serve as a unifying symbol, bringing Vermonters together during difficult times.
  • Fundraising: Proceeds from the sale of these plates can be used to support flood relief efforts and aid those affected by the disaster.
  • Awareness: By displaying these plates on their vehicles, residents can raise awareness about the ongoing recovery efforts in the state.

Case Studies and Firsthand Experiences

Many Vermonters have shared their stories of resilience and community support in the aftermath of the floods. Here are some inspiring case studies:

Case Study 1: The Smith Family

Name Location Story
John Smith Montpelier Despite their house being flooded, the Smith family banded together with their neighbors to help each other clean up and rebuild.

Case Study 2: Rebecca Jones

Name Location Story
Rebecca Jones Burlington Rebecca started a fundraiser in her community to provide assistance to those who lost their homes and belongings in the floods.

These examples showcase the resilience and compassion of Vermonters during challenging times, reinforcing the importance of coming together as a community.

Final Thoughts

The reintroduction of the ‘Vermont Strong’ license plates serves as a powerful symbol of unity and strength in the face of adversity. By displaying these plates on their vehicles, Vermonters can show their support for those affected by the floods and contribute to the ongoing recovery efforts in the state. Together, we can rebuild and emerge stronger than ever.



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