June 18, 2024
June 18, 2024
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Florida squatter arrested after homeowner returns from trip abroad

Florida squatter arrested after homeowner returns from trip abroad

A man from Florida who was suspected of unlawfully occupying a homeowner’s residence while the homeowner was overseas has been taken into custody.

According to the homeowner, who was in New Zealand for seven months where his wife owns property, he became suspicious after noticing a spike in his electric bill.

The Ocala Police Department disclosed that Ze’Moye Brown, 26, had been residing in the home for an extended period of time.

Upon his return, the homeowner found the door to his house ajar and the interior in disarray. Despite no one being present, he reported several stolen items, including a scooter, firearms, tools, as well as his social security card and property deed.

Feeling uneasy, the homeowner opted to sleep in a closet in case the intruder returned.

Upon encountering the homeowner, Brown claimed ownership of the house, asserting that it had been unoccupied for three years. A heated argument ensued, with Brown demanding the homeowner to vacate the premises. In response, the homeowner fired a warning shot into the floor and threatened to involve law enforcement.

Despite the tense situation, the homeowner expressed reluctance to press charges against Brown, likening him to his own son in certain aspects.

Subsequently, Brown was apprehended and faces charges of trespassing, drug possession, and marijuana possession. He is currently being held on a $3,500 bail and is set to appear in court on July 11.

Florida Squatter Arrested After Homeowner Returns From Trip Abroad

Florida Squatter Arrested After Homeowner Returns From Trip Abroad

In a recent incident in Florida, a homeowner returned home from a trip abroad to find that their property had been taken over by a squatter. The unauthorized individual had moved in and was living in the home without the owner’s permission, leading to the homeowner contacting authorities to handle the situation.

What Is a Squatter?

A squatter is someone who occupies a property without the owner’s permission. In many cases, squatters may move into vacant or abandoned properties and make them their temporary or permanent residence. This can lead to legal and logistical challenges for property owners who must navigate the process of removing the squatter from the premises.

Legal Ramifications of Squatting

  • Squatting is illegal in most jurisdictions and can lead to criminal charges for trespassing or burglary.
  • Property owners have rights to their property and can take legal action to remove squatters through eviction proceedings.
  • Squatters may attempt to establish residency in a property by claiming adverse possession, which could lead to a lengthy legal battle for the property owner.

Protecting Your Property From Squatters

To protect your property from squatters, consider the following tips:

  • Keep your property secure by locking doors and windows when the property is vacant.
  • Install security cameras or alarm systems to monitor activity on the property.
  • Regularly inspect your property to ensure that it has not been occupied without your knowledge.

Case Study: Florida Squatter Arrest

In the case of the Florida squatter who was arrested after the homeowner returned from a trip abroad, the homeowner had taken precautions to secure their property before leaving. Despite these measures, the squatter managed to enter the property and take up residence while the owner was away. The homeowner contacted the authorities upon their return, leading to the squatter’s arrest and removal from the premises.

Date Location Outcome
October 2021 Florida Squatter arrested and removed from property

First-Hand Experience

As a homeowner, it can be unsettling to return from a trip and find your property occupied by an unauthorized individual. Taking steps to secure your property and being vigilant about who has access to it can help prevent incidents of squatting. In the event that you encounter a squatter on your property, contact law enforcement immediately to address the situation promptly and legally.



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