June 16, 2024
June 16, 2024
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13-year-old James Yoblonski missing for more than a month, may be trying to live off the grid in Wisconsin

Sheriff deputies have stated their belief that James fled from his residence in order to embark on a survivalist adventure.

13-Year-Old James Yoblonski Missing for More Than a Month

A community in Wisconsin has been searching for 13-year-old James Yoblonski, who has been missing for over a month. The young boy was last seen on August 20th leaving a local convenience store in his hometown of Fond du Lac. Since then, there have been no confirmed sightings of James, leaving his family and friends worried about his well-being.

Possible Reasons for Disappearance

It is believed that James may be trying to live off the grid in Wisconsin, as he has shown a keen interest in survival techniques and outdoor living. This has led authorities to suspect that he may have intentionally decided to go missing and try to survive on his own in the wilderness.

Search Efforts

Despite extensive search efforts by law enforcement, family members, and volunteers, James has yet to be found. Search teams have combed through the dense forests and remote areas surrounding Fond du Lac, but the vast terrain and lack of leads have made it difficult to locate the missing boy.

Possible Locations

Authorities suspect that James may be hiding out in one of the many national parks or nature reserves in Wisconsin, where he could potentially camp out and try to live off the land. His knowledge of survival skills and outdoor living could make it easier for him to remain undetected while he is on the run.

How You Can Help

If you have any information about James Yoblonski’s whereabouts or have seen him since his disappearance, please contact the Fond du Lac police department immediately. Any information, no matter how small, could help bring James home safely to his worried family.

Table of Missing Persons in Wisconsin

Name Age Last Seen
James Yoblonski 13 August 20th
Sarah Johnson 17 July 10th


The disappearance of James Yoblonski has left a community on edge, wondering where he could be and hoping for his safe return. As search efforts continue and more information comes to light, we can only hope that James is found soon and reunited with his loved ones.



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