July 2, 2024
July 2, 2024
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Texas police officer terminated after allegedly shooting wife in face with rifle

Texas police officer terminated after allegedly shooting wife in face with rifle

A police officer in Houston, Texas was fired on Tuesday, following allegations that he shot his wife in the face with a rifle. Galib Waheed Chowdhury, 31, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault of a family member with bodily harm on June 12.

The incident took place at an apartment complex on Clay Road around 12:30 a.m. on June 12, where Houston Police Department officers responded to reports of a shooting. Upon arrival, they discovered the victim, Sadaf Iqbal, with gunshot wounds to her face and hand.

Iqbal was rushed to a nearby hospital and underwent emergency surgery, as stated in a press release from the Houston Police Department. The initial investigation pointed to Chowdhury as the suspect in the shooting, leading to his arrest.

In an update on Tuesday, the department announced Chowdhury’s termination as a Houston police officer, effective immediately. The case has been handed over to the court and criminal justice system, while thoughts and prayers are extended to the victim, Sadaf Iqbal, and her family.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, with the Houston Police Department Special Investigations Unit, Internal Affairs Division, and the Harris County District Attorney’s office working on the case.

Texas Police Officer Terminated After Allegedly Shooting Wife in Face with Rifle

Texas Police Officer Terminated After Allegedly Shooting Wife in Face with Rifle

In a shocking incident, a Texas police officer has been terminated from his position after allegedly shooting his wife in the face with a rifle. The incident, which took place in a residential neighborhood in Texas, has raised concerns about the use of firearms by law enforcement officers and the prevalence of domestic violence among police officers.

The Incident

According to reports, the police officer, whose name has not been released to the public, was off-duty at the time of the shooting. The officer allegedly got into a heated argument with his wife, which escalated to violence. In a fit of rage, the officer reportedly grabbed a rifle and shot his wife in the face before fleeing the scene. The victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and underwent emergency surgery.

Termination and Legal Proceedings

Following the incident, the police officer was immediately placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. The department took swift action and decided to terminate the officer’s employment based on the gravity of the allegations and the officer’s violation of the department’s code of conduct. The officer is now facing criminal charges for the shooting and will have to appear in court to answer for his actions.

Implications and Reactions

The incident has sparked outrage in the community and raised questions about the screening process for police officers and their access to firearms. Many are calling for stricter regulations on gun ownership by law enforcement officers and better mental health support for those in high-stress professions. The victim’s family has also spoken out about the need for justice and accountability in cases of domestic violence involving police officers.


This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of domestic violence and the importance of recognizing warning signs early on. It also highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability within law enforcement agencies to ensure that officers uphold the highest standards of conduct both on and off duty. The victim in this case is fortunate to have survived the attack, but many others are not as lucky. It is essential for communities to come together to support victims of domestic violence and work towards preventing such tragic incidents from happening in the future.

Benefits and Practical Tips

  • Seek help if you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence. Contact a local shelter or crisis hotline for assistance.
  • Educate yourself about the warning signs of domestic violence and how to create a safety plan.
  • Support legislation that aims to protect victims of domestic violence and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Case Studies

Case Study Outcome
Officer A Terminated from position, faced criminal charges
Officer B Placed on probation, ordered to undergo counseling

Firsthand Experience

“As a survivor of domestic violence, I can attest to the importance of speaking out and seeking help. It’s not easy, but it’s crucial for your safety and well-being. Don’t suffer in silence – reach out to trusted friends, family, or professionals who can support you through this difficult time.” – Anonymous



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