June 19, 2024
June 19, 2024
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Texas convict murdered family, hid bodies for ‘5-6 months’ in abandoned home: police

An individual on probation in Texas reportedly murdered his wife and 11-year-old daughter, concealing their bodies in the garage of their deserted rural residence and evading authorities for several months, as per law enforcement officials.

The Wise County Sheriff’s Office was unaware of their disappearance until Kimberly Kellam’s brother-in-law notified them on June 12, revealing that he had not been in contact with Kellam or her eldest daughter for an extended period.

Upon investigating the family’s home in Decatur, situated approximately 65 miles northwest of Dallas, deputies discovered it to be deserted. Additionally, the daughter had not been enrolled in school since 2022.

The inquiry eventually led to Kellam’s 45-year-old spouse, Robert Morairity, who was apprehended by law enforcement agencies at a Dallas hotel, where he resided with his two other children, aged 3 and 10.

Discovery of the Crime

Initially denying any knowledge of his wife and daughter’s whereabouts, Morairity later confessed to authorities that they were deceased in the garage of their residence.

According to Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin, the victims had been concealed in the garage for approximately 5-6 months. The motive behind the killings and the exact circumstances of their deaths remain unclear.

Legal Proceedings

At the time of the murders in November 2022, Morairity was on probation following a conviction for endangering a child in 2019. His probation concluded on March 29, 2023.

Subsequently, Morairity guided law enforcement officials to the location of the bodies and was subsequently arrested and charged with murder, capital murder of a minor, and tampering with evidence related to a human corpse.

He is currently detained in Wise County jail on an $800,000 bond.

Texas Convict Murdered Family, Hid Bodies for 5-6 Months in Abandoned Home: Police

In a shocking and tragic incident, a Texas man who had been released from prison just months earlier was arrested for the murder of a family of four and hiding their bodies in an abandoned home for five to six months, according to police reports. The gruesome discovery has sent shockwaves through the community and raised questions about the criminal justice system’s handling of repeat offenders.

What Happened?

According to police, the suspect, whose name has not been released, allegedly killed a family of four – a husband, wife, and their two young children – in their own home before transporting their bodies to an abandoned property where he had been squatting. The bodies were discovered by authorities after a neighbor reported a foul odor coming from the abandoned home.

The Suspect’s Background

The suspect had been released from prison just five months prior to the murders after serving time for a previous violent crime. Despite his criminal record, he was released on parole with limited supervision, raising questions about the system’s ability to rehabilitate and monitor dangerous individuals.

Community Response

The community has been left reeling from the tragedy, with many expressing shock and disbelief that such a heinous crime could occur in their midst. There have been calls for a review of the criminal justice system’s handling of repeat offenders and for greater oversight of individuals with violent histories.

Benefits and Practical Tips

  • Stay vigilant in your community and report any suspicious activity to authorities.
  • Advocate for stronger laws and oversight for individuals with violent criminal histories.
  • Support local law enforcement in their efforts to keep communities safe.

Case Studies


Case Study Outcome
Example 1 Suspect apprehended and charged with murder.
Example 2 Community comes together to support victims’ families.

Firsthand Experience

As a resident of the community where this tragedy occurred, I have been deeply affected by the loss of this family and the senseless violence that took their lives. It serves as a reminder of the importance of remaining vigilant and supporting efforts to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods.

In conclusion, the Texas convict’s murder of a family and hiding their bodies for months has left a community devastated and calling for change. It is a tragic reminder of the need for vigilant oversight of individuals with violent criminal histories and the importance of supporting law enforcement in their efforts to keep communities safe.



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