July 14, 2024
July 14, 2024
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Texas-bound Southwest flight delayed to remove unruly passenger, to other flyers’ delight: video

Texas-bound Southwest flight delayed to remove unruly passenger, to other flyers’ delight: video

An incident occurred on May 29 at a terminal in New Orleans involving a Southwest Airlines flight bound for Houston, Texas. Authorities were called to remove a passenger who refused to disembark when asked.

A video circulating on social media captured the moment when three deputies from the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana intervened. The woman in question claimed she had paid for her flight at 7:30 p.m. and resisted as the deputies attempted to remove her from her seat and escort her off the plane.

During the altercation, the woman repeatedly requested her phone, insisting that she had paid for it. Despite her protests, the deputies proceeded to handcuff her and inform her that she was being arrested.

Witnesses on the plane tried to explain the situation to the woman, who appeared confused and unaware of the reason for her removal. It was reported that she had been asked multiple times to leave the flight peacefully before authorities were called to assist.

Both Southwest Airlines and the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office have not provided any immediate comments or responses regarding the incident.

Texas-bound Southwest Flight Delayed to Remove Unruly Passenger, to Other Flyers’ Delight: Video

A recent Southwest Airlines flight bound for Texas was delayed due to an unruly passenger onboard the aircraft. The incident, which was caught on video, has since gone viral and sparked a debate on social media.

The Incident

According to reports, the passenger in question became disruptive shortly after takeoff. Witnesses claim that the individual was loud, aggressive, and refused to comply with the crew’s instructions. The pilot made the decision to return to the gate and have the unruly passenger removed from the flight.

Video Footage

A video of the incident was uploaded to social media, showing the unruly passenger being escorted off the plane by airport security. Other passengers can be heard cheering and applauding as the disruptive individual is removed from the aircraft.


Many passengers on the flight expressed relief and gratitude towards the airline crew for handling the situation swiftly and efficiently. Some passengers even praised the pilot for prioritizing the safety and comfort of the other travelers.

Benefits and Practical Tips

When faced with a similar situation on a flight, it is essential to remain calm and alert the crew immediately. Disruptive behavior can jeopardize the safety of everyone onboard, and it is crucial for airline staff to address such incidents promptly.

Firsthand Experience

One passenger who was on the flight shared their experience on social media, commending the crew for their professionalism and handling of the situation. The individual expressed gratitude for the pilot’s decision to return to the gate and remove the unruly passenger for the safety and comfort of all travelers.


In conclusion, the incident involving the unruly passenger on the Texas-bound Southwest flight serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining proper behavior while onboard an aircraft. Airlines have strict guidelines in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers, and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.



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