June 16, 2024
June 16, 2024
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Porsche-driving LI squatters dupe judge by forging dead homeowner’s name on lease: court docs

Two audacious individuals who were evicted from an empty residence in New Hyde Park managed to re-enter the property by deceiving a judge, as documented in legal records.

Porsche-driving LI Squatters Forge Dead Homeowner’s Name on Lease: Court Docs


In a bizarre turn of events on Long Island, Porsche-driving squatters managed to dupe a judge by allegedly forging the name of a deceased homeowner on a lease, according to court documents. The case has shocked the community and shed light on the lengths some individuals will go to in order to live rent-free in luxury properties.

Details of the Case

The squatters, who were leasing a property in Long Island, allegedly forged the signature of the deceased homeowner on their lease agreement. This deception allowed them to continue living in the residence without paying rent, despite the rightful ownership of the property belonging to the deceased homeowner’s estate.

Key Points:

  • The squatters drove a Porsche, which raised suspicions about their true financial status.
  • They allegedly used the forged lease to deceive the court and avoid eviction.
  • The deception was uncovered when the deceased homeowner’s family discovered the fraudulent activity.

Benefits and Practical Tips

When dealing with rental properties, it’s crucial to verify all documents and signatures to prevent fraud. Here are some practical tips to avoid falling victim to similar schemes:

Tips for Rental Property Owners:

  • Verify the identity of all tenants through rigorous background checks.
  • Regularly inspect the property to ensure that the occupants match the lease agreement.
  • Stay vigilant for any suspicious behavior or signs of unscrupulous activity.

Case Studies

Unfortunately, cases of rental fraud are not uncommon. Here are a few examples of similar incidents:

Case Study Outcome
California Rental Scam Tenants posed as property owners and collected rent from unsuspecting tenants.
New York Sublet Scandal Subletters illegally sublet apartments without the knowledge of the actual landlords.

Firsthand Experience

As a property owner, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and thorough when vetting tenants. By taking the necessary precautions and staying informed about potential rental scams, you can protect your property and investments from fraudulent activity.



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