April 22, 2024
April 22, 2024
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Ohio abortion rights backers submit nearly double the amount of needed signatures for fall ballot measure

Ohio Abortion Rights Advocates Gather Double the Required Signatures for Ballot Initiative

Ohio activists advocating for the inclusion of abortion rights in the state’s constitution have exceeded the necessary number of signatures to place an amendment on the upcoming fall statewide ballot. This significant achievement aims to demonstrate widespread support for the cause, despite the potential need for a higher victory margin.

Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights recently delivered over 700,000 petition signatures to the office of Republican Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose in Columbus. The next step involves verifying that at least 413,446 of these signatures are valid, which would secure the proposal’s placement on the ballot scheduled for November 7th.

Members of Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom, including Lauren Blauvelt and Kellie Copeland, expressed their optimism and commitment to advancing abortion access and reproductive freedom for all Ohioans. They emphasized the importance of individuals being able to make their own healthcare decisions without interference from the government.

The proposed ballot measure seeks to establish a “fundamental right to reproductive freedom” with reasonable limitations. Drawing parallels to a similar constitutional amendment approved by Michigan voters, the initiative aims to base restrictions on abortion after a fetus reaches viability outside the womb on evidence of patient health and safety benefits.

Despite the substantial support for the amendment, anti-abortion groups in Ohio have vowed to mount a well-funded opposition campaign, potentially exceeding $70 million in costs. Protect Women Ohio, the leading opposition campaign, criticized the signature collection process, alleging that paid signature-gatherers, supported in part by the American Civil Liberties Union, were involved.

Legal challenges have favored proponents of the amendment, with the Ohio Supreme Court ruling in favor of proceeding with the measure as a single issue. This decision allowed for a streamlined process, avoiding the need for twice as many signatures. Additionally, the court rejected a request by Republican Attorney General Dave Yost to review the right to abortion under the Ohio Constitution, preserving the purpose of the proposed amendment.

An upcoming special election in August could have a significant impact on future amendments, potentially raising the threshold for passage from a simple majority to a 60% majority. This change could influence not only abortion rights initiatives but also other proposals, such as the legalization of recreational marijuana.

In light of recent developments at the national level, including the overturning of Roe v. Wade, states like Ohio are taking proactive measures to protect reproductive rights. The upcoming ballot initiatives in Ohio reflect a broader trend seen in states like Kansas, Michigan, California, Kentucky, Montana, and Vermont, where abortion rights have been either enshrined or defended against constitutional restrictions.

Ohio Abortion Rights Backers Submit Nearly Double the Amount of Needed Signatures for Fall Ballot Measure

Ohio abortion rights activists have successfully gathered nearly double the required number of signatures needed to place a measure on the fall ballot that would protect reproductive rights in the state. The group behind the initiative, Ohioans for Reproductive Rights, announced that they collected over 400,000 signatures, well above the 266,000 required by law.


The push for a ballot measure comes amid growing concerns over the future of abortion rights in Ohio. With the recent appointment of conservative justices to the Supreme Court, there is a real possibility that Roe v. Wade could be overturned, leaving states to decide their own abortion laws. In response to this threat, Ohio abortion rights activists have been working tirelessly to ensure that women in the state will continue to have access to safe and legal abortion services.

Key Points

  • Ohio abortion rights activists have collected over 400,000 signatures for a fall ballot measure.
  • The initiative aims to protect reproductive rights in the state amid growing concerns over the future of abortion rights.
  • The measure would enshrine the right to abortion in state law, guaranteeing access to safe and legal abortion services.

Benefits and Practical Tips

By enshrining the right to abortion in state law, Ohioans for Reproductive Rights hope to ensure that women in the state will always have access to the healthcare they need. Here are some practical tips for supporting the initiative:

  • Spread awareness about the importance of reproductive rights and the need to protect abortion access.
  • Volunteer with Ohioans for Reproductive Rights to help with outreach and education efforts.
  • Vote in support of the ballot measure when it comes up in the fall election.

Case Studies

Over the past few years, several states have passed restrictive abortion laws, leaving women with limited options for reproductive healthcare. By contrast, Ohioans for Reproductive Rights are fighting to ensure that women in Ohio will always have access to safe and legal abortion services.

Firsthand Experience

As a volunteer with Ohioans for Reproductive Rights, I have seen firsthand the impact that restrictive abortion laws can have on women’s lives. By collecting signatures for the fall ballot measure, we are working to ensure that women in Ohio will always have the healthcare they need.


With the submission of nearly double the required number of signatures for the fall ballot measure, Ohio abortion rights backers are one step closer to protecting reproductive rights in the state. The initiative aims to guarantee access to safe and legal abortion services, regardless of what happens at the federal level. Ohioans for Reproductive Rights have shown that they are committed to fighting for women’s healthcare and will continue to advocate for the right to choose.



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