June 19, 2024
June 19, 2024
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Netflix film crew attacked by huge sharks near Hawaii while shooting nature show: ‘Like something out of Jaws’

Netflix film crew attacked by huge sharks near Hawaii while shooting nature show: ‘Like something out of Jaws’
During their voyage in the Pacific Ocean north of Hawaii, the crew experienced a frightening encounter.

Netflix Film Crew Attacked by Huge Sharks near Hawaii


A Netflix film crew shooting a nature show near Hawaii had a terrifying encounter with huge sharks, reminiscent of the classic movie “Jaws.” The crew members found themselves in a dangerous situation as they were filming footage for the show, facing a real-life threat from the ocean’s apex predators.

Details of the Attack:

The incident took place off the coast of Hawaii, where the film crew was capturing stunning underwater shots for the nature show. Suddenly, a group of massive sharks appeared out of nowhere and started circling the crew’s boat, creating a tense and adrenaline-filled atmosphere. The crew members described the experience as something straight out of a horror movie, with the sharks displaying aggressive behavior and getting dangerously close to the boat.

Key Points:

  • Netflix film crew attacked by huge sharks near Hawaii
  • Sharks display aggressive behavior towards crew
  • Crew members fear for their lives during the encounter
  • Experience likened to scenes from the movie “Jaws”

Benefits and Practical Tips:

When shooting nature shows or documentaries in the wild, it’s essential to be prepared for unexpected encounters with wildlife. Here are some practical tips for film crews working in potentially dangerous environments:

Tip Description
Always have a safety plan in place Be prepared for emergencies and have evacuation procedures in case of a dangerous situation.
Respect the wildlife Avoid disturbing or provoking animals, and maintain a safe distance at all times.
Use protective gear Wear appropriate safety equipment, such as shark cages or protective suits, when filming in shark-infested waters.
Stay vigilant Keep a lookout for any signs of danger and be ready to react quickly in case of an emergency.


The harrowing experience faced by the Netflix film crew serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of working in the wild. By following safety protocols and being aware of potential risks, film crews can minimize the chances of encountering dangerous situations while capturing the beauty of nature on camera.



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