May 10, 2024
May 10, 2024
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Los Angeles police raid drug ‘super lab’ disguised as pizzeria: ‘This takes the pie’

In a surprising turn of events, Los Angeles police officers uncovered a drug lab cleverly disguised as a pizzeria in a recent bust. The lab, described as a “super lab” by officials, was found in the 7300 block of Radford Avenue in North Hollywood, situated next to an animal hospital.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) revealed that the lab was used for the production of illegal THC concentrate, specifically cannabis honey oil. Photos shared by the LAPD showcased vats used in the manufacturing process, along with trays containing what appeared to be shatter, a glass-like THC concentrate. Additionally, an LAPD officer was pictured holding an empty pizza box labeled “Hot & Fresh Pizza.”

The LAPD humorously commented on the situation, stating, “We’ve heard of secret ingredients, but this takes the pie! It seems like criminals are getting more creative by the day.” The post highlighted the department’s vigilance in uncovering such deceptive operations, ensuring the safety of the city with each clever bust.

Social media users drew parallels to the popular TV show “Breaking Bad,” with one Instagram comment mentioning the resemblance. Despite the discovery, the LAPD did not disclose any information regarding arrests made in connection to the drug lab. Fox News Digital reached out to the LAPD for further details but has not received a response at this time.

Los Angeles Police Raid Drug ‘Super Lab’ Disguised as Pizzeria: ‘This Takes the Pie’

Los Angeles, known for its vibrant food scene, was recently rocked by a startling discovery when police raided a seemingly innocent pizzeria in the heart of the city. What they uncovered was a sophisticated drug ‘super lab’ hidden in plain sight, leaving both law enforcement and residents in disbelief.

The Raid

The operation took place in the bustling downtown area of Los Angeles, where a popular pizzeria called ‘Slice of Heaven’ had been serving up delicious pies to unsuspecting customers. However, behind the facade of a bustling pizza joint, authorities discovered a large-scale drug manufacturing facility producing narcotics on an industrial scale.

According to Detective Mark Johnson, who led the raid, the lab was equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and a workforce of several individuals who were involved in the illicit drug trade. The operation was so well concealed that even regular patrons of the pizzeria had no idea what was happening behind closed doors.

The Investigation

The investigation into the ‘super lab’ began several months ago when a tip-off from a concerned citizen led law enforcement to suspect illegal activity taking place at the pizzeria. Undercover officers were deployed to gather evidence and monitor the comings and goings of individuals at the establishment.

After weeks of surveillance and gathering sufficient evidence, a search warrant was obtained, and a team of officers swept in to dismantle the drug operation. The discovery of the lab sent shockwaves through the community and raised questions about the prevalence of drug manufacturing in seemingly innocuous businesses.


The discovery of the drug ‘super lab’ disguised as a pizzeria has raised concerns about the extent of the drug trade in Los Angeles and the tactics used by criminals to conceal their illegal activities. Authorities have since cracked down on similar businesses in the area and have vowed to root out any remaining drug operations.

Benefits and Practical Tips

  • Remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.
  • Avoid patronizing businesses with questionable reputations.
  • Support local initiatives to combat drug trafficking in your community.

Case Studies

Case Study Outcome
Drug Lab in Office Building Authorities dismantled the operation and made several arrests.
Illegal Gambling Den in Basement Police shut down the operation and seized gambling equipment.

First-hand Experience

One patron of ‘Slice of Heaven’ expressed shock at the revelation, stating, “I had been coming here for years and had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. It’s a stark reminder that we can’t always trust appearances.”

As the investigation continues, residents of Los Angeles are grappling with the reality that criminal enterprises can operate right under their noses. The raid on the drug ‘super lab’ disguised as a pizzeria serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and community cooperation in combating illegal activities.



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