April 16, 2024
April 16, 2024
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Indiana fire department alerted after newborn surrendered to Safe Haven Baby Box: ‘Chance at life’

Firefighters in central Indiana expressed their gratitude towards a mother who safely surrendered her 2-day-old baby to the department’s Safe Haven Baby Box.

The Kokomo Fire Department’s 2nd Platoon was on duty when the newborn girl was placed into the box located at the station on West Superior Street on July 17, triggering alarms and alerting the crew. Firefighter James Shaffer was the first to respond and took care of the infant until St. Vincent Ascension medics arrived.

Accompanying the baby was a note from the mother, expressing her love and hopes for her daughter.

“Although we may never fully understand the circumstances that led you to this moment in life, we appreciate your loving decision to ensure the well-being of your baby,” the department shared on Facebook. “While we cannot fathom your experience, your act was driven by love, and your baby will always carry that with her.”


The primary objective of the Safe Haven Baby Box is to offer a secure option for individuals who wish to anonymously surrender their baby, aiming to combat abandonment.

The specific box where the baby was surrendered was installed on June 11, 2020, as reported by Safe Haven Baby Boxes to FOX 59. Since 2017, over 100 Baby Boxes have been set up in the state, and the surrender on Monday marked the fifth time these boxes were utilized in Indiana this year.

“While these decisions are undoubtedly difficult, we commend the mother for providing her daughter with the opportunity for life through a safe, legal, and anonymous avenue,” stated SHBB founder Monica Kelsey in an interview.


According to the organization’s records, there have been over 132 legal Safe Haven surrenders to date – with 32 babies being placed in Baby Boxes and three babies handed directly to firefighters at Baby Box locations. SHBB has also facilitated nine adoption referrals.

In addition to the physical boxes, the organization operates a national 24-hour hotline (1-866-99B-ABY1) where women in crisis can receive counseling and support at no cost, SHBB disclosed. The hotline has received over 8,000 calls from all states in the U.S., leading to over 500 women being referred to crisis pregnancy centers.

SHBB has installed 155 boxes across various states including Indiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma.

Arizona also offers a similar initiative through “Baby Drawers” by Banner Hospital.

Indiana Fire Department Alerted After Newborn Surrendered to Safe Haven Baby Box: ‘Chance at Life’

Indiana Fire Department Alerted After Newborn Surrendered to Safe Haven Baby Box: ‘Chance at Life’

Recently, an Indiana fire department was alerted after a newborn was surrendered to a Safe Haven Baby Box. This heartwarming incident has provided the infant with a chance at life, thanks to the safe and confidential option provided by the Safe Haven Baby Box program.

The Safe Haven Baby Box Program

The Safe Haven Baby Box program allows parents to safely surrender newborn infants who are up to 30 days old. These boxes are climate-controlled and equipped with temperature sensors to ensure the safety and well-being of the surrendered babies.

Benefits of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

  • Provides a safe and confidential option for parents in crisis
  • Ensures the health and well-being of surrendered infants
  • Prevents abandonment and potential harm to newborns

Case Studies

There have been many instances where Safe Haven Baby Boxes have saved the lives of newborn infants. In this recent incident, the newborn surrendered to the Indiana fire department now has a chance at life, thanks to the quick response and care provided.

First-Hand Experience

Firefighters and emergency personnel who responded to the alert have shared their experiences of the emotional and fulfilling moment when they found the surrendered newborn. These heartwarming stories highlight the importance of the Safe Haven Baby Box program and the impact it has on saving lives.

Practical Tips for Parents

If you or someone you know is in crisis and considering surrendering a newborn, it is essential to know that Safe Haven Baby Boxes are a safe and confidential option. Here are some practical tips for parents in need:

  • Seek help and support from trusted individuals or organizations
  • Understand your options and rights as a parent
  • Reach out to the Safe Haven Baby Box program for assistance


The Indiana fire department’s alert after a newborn was surrendered to a Safe Haven Baby Box highlights the importance of providing safe and confidential options for parents in crisis. This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the impact that programs like Safe Haven Baby Boxes can have in saving lives and giving newborn infants a chance at life.



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