May 9, 2024
May 9, 2024
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Ex-Rep. Mondaire Jones to run for old House seat to topple incumbent Republican Mike Lawler

Ex-Rep. Mondaire Jones to run for old House seat to topple incumbent Republican Mike Lawler

Former Congressman Mondaire Jones is reportedly planning to launch a campaign to reclaim his former congressional seat, which was recently won by first-term Republican Mike Lawler. This news comes from sources who spoke on Wednesday.

Jones, a Democrat, previously held the congressional seat before being defeated by Lawler in the last election. Now, he is gearing up to challenge Lawler in the upcoming election to regain his position in Congress.

The race between Jones and Lawler is expected to be highly competitive, as both candidates have strong support from their respective parties. Jones is known for his progressive policies and advocacy for social justice, while Lawler has focused on issues such as economic growth and national security.

Jones’s decision to run for office again has been met with enthusiasm from his supporters, who believe that he is the best candidate to represent their interests in Congress. On the other hand, Lawler’s supporters are confident in his ability to continue serving the district effectively.

As the campaign unfolds, both candidates will likely focus on key issues such as healthcare, education, and the economy. Voters in the district will have the opportunity to choose the candidate who best aligns with their values and priorities.

Overall, the upcoming election for the congressional seat promises to be a closely watched and hotly contested race. With Jones’s announcement of his candidacy, the stage is set for a dynamic and engaging campaign between him and Lawler.

Ex-Rep. Mondaire Jones to run for old House seat to topple incumbent Republican Mike Lawler


Former U.S. Representative Mondaire Jones has announced his candidacy for his old House seat, with his sights set on toppling incumbent Republican Mike Lawler. Jones, who represented New York’s 17th Congressional District, is seeking to reclaim his seat and bring progressive change to Washington once again. His decision to run has garnered significant attention, with many viewing it as a pivotal moment in the upcoming elections.

Candidate Background

Mondaire Jones made history in 2020 when he became one of the first openly gay Black men elected to Congress. During his time in office, Jones was a vocal advocate for progressive policies such as Medicare for All, criminal justice reform, and climate action. His commitment to fighting for marginalized communities and holding powerful interests accountable has earned him a dedicated following among Democrats.

Challenger Profile

Name Party Affiliation Prior Experience
Mondaire Jones Democratic Former U.S. Representative

Incumbent Profile

Name Party Affiliation Incumbent Status
Mike Lawler Republican Incumbent

Why It Matters

The upcoming race between Mondaire Jones and Mike Lawler is expected to be closely watched, as it represents a clash of ideologies and visions for the future of the country. Jones’ progressive platform and commitment to equity and justice stand in contrast to Lawler’s more conservative stances. The outcome of this race could have far-reaching implications for the balance of power in Congress and the direction of national policy.

Stay Informed

  • Follow Mondaire Jones’ campaign updates on social media
  • Attend local town hall meetings to learn more about the candidates’ positions
  • Register to vote and make your voice heard in the upcoming election


The race between Mondaire Jones and Mike Lawler for New York’s 17th Congressional District is shaping up to be a critical battleground in the upcoming elections. Jones’ decision to run for his old House seat has injected new energy and excitement into the race, with many eager to see if he can unseat the Republican incumbent. As the campaign unfolds, all eyes will be on these two candidates as they make their case to the voters and fight for the opportunity to represent the people of their district in Congress.



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