June 16, 2024
June 16, 2024
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Disgraced NYC gynecologist should face at least 25 years for serial sexual assaults: prosecutors

A former gynecologist found guilty of federal sex abuse charges is being urged by prosecutors to receive a minimum of 25 years in prison for victimizing a significant number of individuals over a 25-year period while posing as a doctor at renowned Manhattan hospitals. The prosecutors’ submission in Manhattan federal court highlights the upcoming opportunity for Robert Hadden’s victims to address Judge Richard M. Berman before his sentencing next month.

Prosecutors emphasized that Hadden abused his power to exploit and harm vulnerable patients seeking medical treatment, engaging in a pattern of abuse while maintaining a facade of professionalism and success. Hadden, a 64-year-old resident of Englewood, New Jersey, was convicted earlier this year of luring victims across state lines for the purpose of sexual abuse, with nine former patients testifying during the trial.

In contrast, Hadden’s defense team argued for a three-year prison sentence, citing his lack of misconduct since retiring from medical practice a decade ago. They highlighted Hadden’s deteriorating physical and mental health in a federal jail in Brooklyn, where he has faced threats and isolation.

During the trial, Hadden’s attorneys did not contest the allegations of sexual misconduct but pointed out that he had previously pleaded guilty in state court in 2016, resulting in the loss of his medical license without serving any jail time. Prosecutors detailed Hadden’s extensive history of sexual abuse, which began in the late 1980s at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, now known as New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Evidence presented at trial revealed that Hadden committed numerous acts of abuse over two decades, manipulating his victims by creating a false sense of trust and comfort in his office. He used inappropriate and unnecessary questioning to elicit sexual gratification from patients, often exploiting opportunities when medical staff were not present.

Prosecutors uncovered a pattern of misconduct where Hadden would isolate patients in examination rooms under the guise of conducting additional exams, during which he would sexually assault them. The extent of his abuse was described as affecting a significant number of victims under the guise of medical care.

Hadden’s career came to an end when complaints about his behavior led to the closure of his practice at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Both institutions have agreed to a settlement exceeding $236 million to resolve civil claims from over 200 former patients.

Disgraced NYC Gynecologist Should Face at Least 25 Years for Serial Sexual Assaults: Prosecutors

The case of a disgraced New York City gynecologist accused of serial sexual assaults has shocked the medical community and sparked outrage among the public. The gynecologist, who cannot be named due to legal reasons, is facing a barrage of charges related to the sexual abuse of his patients over a period of several years. Prosecutors are pushing for a 25-year prison sentence for the disgraced doctor, citing the severity and extent of the crimes committed.

Background of the Case

The gynecologist in question was once a respected figure in the medical community, with a successful practice in New York City. However, allegations of sexual misconduct began to surface, prompting an investigation by law enforcement officials. It was discovered that the gynecologist had been using his position of authority to prey on vulnerable patients, subjecting them to inappropriate and non-consensual acts during medical examinations.

Prosecutors’ Argument for a 25-Year Sentence

Prosecutors are calling for a 25-year prison sentence for the disgraced gynecologist, arguing that the severity of the crimes warrants a lengthy period of incarceration. The prosecution has presented a compelling case, highlighting the following key points:

  • The gynecologist’s actions had a devastating impact on his victims, causing long-lasting trauma and emotional distress.
  • The gynecologist abused his position of trust and authority, exploiting vulnerable patients for his own gratification.
  • The gynecologist’s pattern of behavior suggests a disturbing and predatory mindset, indicating a high likelihood of reoffending if released prematurely.

Impact on the Medical Community

The case of the disgraced gynecologist has sent shockwaves through the medical community, raising concerns about patient safety and the prevalence of sexual misconduct in healthcare settings. Medical professionals are being urged to take proactive measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future, including implementing stricter guidelines for patient examinations and reporting any suspicious behavior to authorities.

Practical Tips for Patients

In light of this case, it is important for patients to be vigilant and aware of their rights when seeking medical treatment. Here are some practical tips to help protect yourself from potential abuse:

  1. Always request a chaperone to be present during intimate examinations.
  2. Trust your instincts – if something feels wrong, speak up and seek help.
  3. Report any concerns or incidents of misconduct to the proper authorities immediately.


The case of the disgraced New York City gynecologist serves as a sobering reminder of the need for accountability and transparency in the medical profession. Prosecutors are seeking a 25-year prison sentence for the gynecologist, emphasizing the severity and impact of his crimes on his victims. It is crucial for the medical community to learn from this case and take proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of all patients.



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