June 16, 2024
June 16, 2024
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DeSantis, Trump appear at same Iowa GOP event, both blast Biden

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, contenders in the GOP presidential primary, made a joint appearance at a campaign event in 2024. Instead of attacking each other, they both directed their criticism towards President Joe Biden.

DeSantis, Trump appear at same Iowa GOP event, both blast Biden

DeSantis, Trump appear at same Iowa GOP event, both blast Biden

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump made a joint appearance at a recent Iowa GOP event where they both heavily criticized President Joe Biden. The event, held in Des Moines, drew a large crowd of enthusiastic Republicans eager to hear from the two prominent conservative figures.

DeSantis and Trump’s Remarks

During their speeches, both DeSantis and Trump took aim at the Biden administration’s policies on a range of issues. Here are some key points from their remarks:

  • DeSantis criticized Biden’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, accusing the administration of overreach and infringing on individual freedoms.
  • Trump slammed Biden’s immigration policies, calling them a “disaster” and blaming them for the surge of migrants at the southern border.
  • Both speakers also criticized Biden’s infrastructure plan, arguing that it would lead to higher taxes and unnecessary government spending.

Event Highlights

In addition to the speeches by DeSantis and Trump, the Iowa GOP event featured a number of other notable speakers and activities. Here are some highlights from the event:

  • A panel discussion on conservative values and the future of the Republican Party
  • A straw poll to gauge attendees’ preferences for the 2024 presidential election
  • A fundraising dinner to support local Republican candidates

Benefits and Practical Tips

Attending events like the Iowa GOP gathering can provide several benefits for attendees, including:

  • Opportunities to hear from influential speakers and engage with like-minded individuals
  • Networking opportunities with local and national political figures
  • The chance to show support for the Republican Party and its platform

Firsthand Experience

One attendee at the Iowa GOP event, Sarah Johnson, shared her experience:

“I was thrilled to hear from both DeSantis and Trump at the event. Their speeches were powerful and inspiring, and it was great to connect with other Republicans who share my values and beliefs.”


The joint appearance of Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump at the Iowa GOP event demonstrated the strong unity and support within the Republican Party. Their critiques of the Biden administration resonated with the enthusiastic crowd, setting the stage for what promises to be a lively and contentious political season ahead.



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