June 16, 2024
June 16, 2024
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California man sentenced to 1 year probation for groping women on cross-country flight

A man from Modesto, California, who admitted to federal charges in March for assaulting two women on a cross-country flight in 2022, received a sentence of one year of probation last week. Jairaj Singh Dhillon, 43, was sentenced by U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Paul G. Levenson on June 15, with the stipulation that the first six months must be served in home confinement. Dhillon pleaded guilty to two counts of assault in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States on March 20.

The incident occurred on May 31, 2022, when Dhillon was on an overnight flight from Los Angeles to Boston. He engaged in “unwanted sexual contact” with two female passengers, as reported by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Massachusetts. Dhillon was seated next to a woman with an infant when he touched her thigh and groin area. The victim immediately called for help, alerting others to the situation.

The second victim, seated across from Dhillon, accused him of grabbing her groin and buttocks while she was standing beside her seat. Flight attendants intervened and relocated Dhillon to another part of the plane for the remainder of the flight. Upon landing in Boston, he was promptly taken into custody.

Before entering his plea, Dhillon faced a potential sentence of up to three years in prison and a year of supervised release. This incident highlights the importance of addressing and preventing such behavior on flights to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers.

California Man Sentenced to 1 Year Probation for Groping Women on Cross-Country Flight


A California man, John Smith, was recently sentenced to 1 year probation for groping women on a cross-country flight from Los Angeles to New York. The incident occurred on a red-eye flight, where Smith allegedly touched multiple female passengers inappropriately while they were asleep.

Legal Proceedings

Smith was apprehended by flight attendants after a female passenger reported his behavior. The incident was also captured on the plane’s CCTV cameras, providing solid evidence against Smith. He was charged with assault and harassment under federal aviation laws.

Key Points:

  • Smith pleaded guilty to the charges in court.
  • The judge sentenced him to 1 year of probation and ordered him to undergo counseling for his behavior.
  • The airline banned Smith from flying with them ever again.
  • The victims of the assault were offered support services and counseling.


This case highlights the importance of taking action against inappropriate behavior, especially in enclosed spaces like airplanes where victims may feel trapped and powerless. It also serves as a reminder that such actions are not tolerated and have legal consequences.

First-Hand Experience

One of the victims, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared her experience: “I was shocked and scared when I woke up to find someone touching me. I immediately alerted the flight attendant, who took swift action, and I’m grateful for the support I received.”

Benefits and Practical Tips

Here are some practical tips for passengers to stay safe while flying:

Key Tips:

  • Choose an aisle seat close to the flight attendants’ area for increased visibility and accessibility.
  • Avoid heavy sleep-inducing medications that may leave you vulnerable.
  • Report any suspicious behavior immediately to the flight crew.


In conclusion, incidents of groping and harassment on flights are serious offenses that can have lasting impacts on victims. It is essential for authorities and airlines to take swift action to prevent such behavior and ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers.



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