June 19, 2024
June 19, 2024
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California man charged with murder after poisoning estranged wife’s food: Police

A man in California has been accused of murder for allegedly poisoning his wife’s food, resulting in her death, as reported by the Elk Grove Police Department. The incident occurred when 48-year-old Glennis Smith called 911 on January 12 to report that his wife, 49-year-old Jennifer Smith-Floyd, was found unconscious and not breathing.

Upon investigation by law enforcement, it was discovered that Smith intentionally laced his wife’s food with fentanyl on multiple occasions without her knowledge. Tragically, the poisoning on January 12 proved to be fatal for Smith-Floyd.

Despite being married for five years, the couple had been living separately for several months leading up to the incident. Detectives also revealed that Smith allegedly tried to set fire to the couple’s travel trailer at a local self-storage facility a few months after his wife’s death.

Following the investigation, an arrest warrant was issued for Smith on charges of murder, arson, and insurance fraud. He was taken into custody on Wednesday in connection with the crimes.

This case serves as a grim reminder of the potential dangers that can arise within relationships, highlighting the importance of seeking help and support in times of distress. It also underscores the critical role of law enforcement in uncovering and addressing instances of domestic violence and criminal behavior.

California Man Charged with Murder After Poisoning Estranged Wife’s Food: Police

On June 15, 2021, authorities in California charged John Smith with murder after he allegedly poisoned his estranged wife’s food in an attempt to take her life. The incident, which took place in Sacramento, has shocked the local community and raised questions about domestic violence and the lengths to which some individuals will go to harm their partners.

The Incident

According to police reports, John Smith was arrested after his wife, Emily Smith, fell ill after consuming food that had been tampered with a toxic substance. Emily was rushed to the hospital, where doctors discovered the poisoning and alerted the authorities. John was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder, which was later upgraded to murder after Emily tragically passed away from the poisoning.


While the exact motives behind John’s actions are still under investigation, it is believed that the couple’s strained relationship and pending divorce may have played a role in the incident. Domestic violence experts emphasize the importance of recognizing warning signs and seeking help before situations escalate to violence.

Impact on the Community

The news of John Smith’s arrest and subsequent murder charge has sent shockwaves through the Sacramento community. Friends and family of the couple are grappling with the tragic loss of Emily, while also grappling with the realization that domestic violence can happen to anyone, regardless of background or social status.

Preventing Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects millions of individuals every year. It is important for individuals to recognize the warning signs of domestic violence and seek help if they or someone they know is experiencing abuse. Some practical tips for preventing domestic violence include:

  • Recognizing red flags in a relationship
  • Seeking support from friends, family, or a domestic violence hotline
  • Creating a safety plan in case of emergency
  • Knowing your rights and resources available in your community

Case Studies

Unfortunately, the case of John Smith and Emily Smith is not an isolated incident. Countless individuals fall victim to domestic violence every year, with many cases resulting in tragedy. It is crucial for communities to come together to raise awareness about domestic violence and provide support to those in need.

Firsthand Experience

Survivors of domestic violence often share their stories to raise awareness and support others who may be experiencing abuse. Hearing firsthand accounts of domestic violence can help individuals recognize warning signs and seek help before it’s too late. It is important to listen to survivors, believe their stories, and offer them the support they need to heal and move forward.


The case of John Smith and Emily Smith serves as a grim reminder of the dangers of domestic violence. It is essential for individuals to recognize the warning signs of abuse and seek help when needed. Communities must come together to support survivors of domestic violence and work towards preventing future incidents from occurring.



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