May 11, 2024
May 11, 2024
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Burisma boss in alleged Biden bribe scheme claims to have 15 taped conversations with Hunter, 2 with Joe: Grassley

Senator Chuck Grassley has stated that these recordings were reportedly stored as a form of protection.

Burisma Boss in Alleged Biden Bribe Scheme Claims to Have 15 Taped Conversations with Hunter, 2 with Joe: Grassley


In a shocking development, the boss of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company at the center of controversy involving the Bidens, has claimed to possess recorded conversations with Hunter Biden, and even two with Joe Biden himself. Senator Chuck Grassley brought this information to light, raising questions about potential unethical behavior and corruption involving high-ranking officials.

Key Details:

  • Burisma boss alleges having 15 recorded conversations with Hunter Biden.
  • Claims also include having two taped conversations with Joe Biden.
  • Senator Grassley highlights the significance of these claims in relation to the ongoing controversy.

Table: Recorded Conversations Summary

Party Number of Conversations
Hunter Biden 15
Joe Biden 2


The emergence of allegedly recorded conversations between Burisma’s boss and the Bidens could have far-reaching consequences:

  • Raise doubts about the integrity of the Bidens and their dealings with foreign entities.
  • Potential legal and political ramifications as investigations continue.
  • Impact on the upcoming elections and public perception of the involved parties.

Benefits and Practical Tips:

As this story unfolds, here are some tips for staying informed:

  • Follow reputable news sources for updates and analysis.
  • Consider multiple perspectives before forming opinions.
  • Engage in discussions to understand different viewpoints.

Case Studies:

Looking at similar cases of alleged political corruption can provide context:

  • Watergate scandal and its impact on the Nixon administration.
  • Ukrainian President Yanukovych’s corruption allegations and downfall.

Firsthand Experience:

Getting involved in political activism or advocacy can offer firsthand insights:

  • Volunteer for a campaign to understand the political process.
  • Join a local organization focused on government transparency and accountability.


The revelations of recorded conversations between Burisma’s boss and the Bidens have stirred controversy and speculation. It is essential to monitor developments closely and consider the implications of such claims on the political landscape.



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